the untimely death of mohammad anwar is the talk of the social streets

*the following story is rated R.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.
triggering and violent images below the break.

wtf is going on with hyenas nowadays?
as much as we can cast blame on the recklessness of gen z,
there are hyenas in all generations.
it seems like compassion and empathy has gone straight out the window.
i shed tears for ^that poor man and i don’t even know him.
on my day off over the weekend,
the pretty vixen sent me a video of the death of mohammad anwar.
i regretted watching it tbh.
he was an uber eats driver who was killed by two teen hyenas,
ages 13 and 15,
who tried to steal his car.
the following video that was posted on twitter absolutely shook me…


when i saw his body on the ground,
taking his last breaths,
i literally busted out in tears.


what in the entire full-blown fuck?!?!?!?
that ain’t nothing but a pure-blown psychopath and at their young ass ages.

what makes me sad is this man was just trying to make a living.
so many people had to turn to delivery services just to make ends meet during the rona.
i really wish he would have let them have the car.
i’m sure his adrenaline was up because what can two teen girls do,
ya know?

What if they mowed down innocent people as well?

they need the death penalty and i’m not even playing.
they need to put those two demons down.

I think the pandemic has awakened mental illnesses in so many.

you can see it in all the recent violence in the news.
cities are opening up and the hyenas have gon’ rabid.
i’m praying the foxhole is covered in my protection and prayers.
we gon’ need it.
rip to mohammad anwar and sending his family my prayers.

read the article: here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “the untimely death of mohammad anwar is the talk of the social streets”

  1. They need jail time, no warnings or easy sentencing. She clearly cared more about her phone than a man losing her life because she wanted to have fun. Not only did she just incriminate herself by saying she was in the car but she may take the full blame because of that. Soon as they saw somebody recording, they should have got out the car and ran.

  2. I know a lot of people are saying he should’ve let them take it but when that is all you have to keep surviving, you not about to let them take it

  3. Who the hell raise these two demon girls?! Letting them go steal a man’s car and even killing him on site…they need to be executed in the chair.

  4. I’m glad its all on camera . My prayers go out to his family .Very disturbing to watch. This is an example where cameras can provide justice to the victim. “George Floyd” was another example where a camera captured the unbelievable cruelty mankind continues to commit !

  5. These are the same kids who think the new LilNasX video is about freedom of expression and doing whatever we want because “we’re going to hell anyway, right?” 🙄

  6. Smfh. Very sad to watch/read. Idc what anyone says the generations truly do get worse and worse as time goes on.

    1. Let’s not forget there was a time where people would condone doing horrible things to black children. There is media everywhere about the multiplicity of young people, and many are doing amazing things you don’t even recognize. Social media portrays more negative than positive because of more publicity.

      Still, doesn’t take away from the horrible action at all, but generalization is not it.

  7. This story has been pissin’ me off from the onset, I jus can’t… Lock them AND their parents up, sorry, not sorry..

  8. As you can see thieves only care about material items over your life and how stupid are they to crash right in front of service men?? Same thing happened in Chicago to an Uber driver and they shot him and now his daughter won’t have a father. What about the Mother in Atlanta just delivering food only to have her car stolen with the baby onboard later found. He should have let those girls have the car that car could be recovered with tracking device installed and he would be alive today.

  9. Nope can’t watch it, I can’t see shit like that it’ll say with me all night, I could only get to when the speed off with that poor man hanging out the door, put those heartless young dumb bitches in jail, that’s it!!!

  10. I read this the day you posted it and haven’t left a response until now because there isn’t much to say…
    This entire situation was so unnecessary and avoidable. RIP to this man and my condolences to his family.

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