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i bought an ipad exclusively for reading and completely steered away from the purpose.
i have a tendency to do that.
i have a shit ton of books to read but wasn’t actually reading them.
i started to read a self help book and thought to myself:

I wish I could have discussed this book in a book club!

a week ago,
i randomly posted about starting a book club with my community on the foxhole ig.
i got so many dms about wanting to participate so…

“The Foxhole Book Club:
Getting Real Deep In These Pages”

everything month,
we will read one book and then discuss it during a group call.
i want the book club to focus on black authors,
gay or straight.
what i’d like is everyone’s email who wants to participate.
hit me with an email:


or a DM on my twitter or ig:


…and i’ll send you a survey on what genres you’d prefer.
i don’t care for sci-fi.

once everyone who participates finishes the survey,
i can figure out what our first book will be!
i’m really excited and can’t wait to meet with you in the club!

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “turn the page to the foxhole book club”

  1. I love this idea. I had a question; did you find an IPAD helpful in your reading? I am currently getting into audiobooks that I listen to in the car through my phone, but I have been wanting to get an IPAD hoping it would both encourage and enrich my e-book experience.

    Also, I think it’s dope to support black authors; I like heavy books that talk about history, politics, race, the law, etc. do you think any of these types of books would be up for consideration? One issue; however, some of these books are not written by black authors.

  2. I’d recommend getting a kindle if you want a device specifically for reading —

    and LMAO @ you hating sci-fi!!! Sci-fi gets a bad rap bc everything thinks the genre reads like Dune but I challenge ANYONE to hate “The Name of the Wind” which is one of the best books I’ve ever read- EVER!


    Also N.K. Jemisin is a black, female, sci-fi writer who has won awards wink

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