let’s get holy and sanctified with lil nas x today! (i feel this urgency for a christian mingle meet up)

i love when someone shakes shit up.
it hits the bottom of my spirit where antics are created.
there are those who don’t want to cause waves; others bring tidal waves.
lil nas x strikes me as that type.
from the time he was a nicki minaj stan until now,
he has generated all kinds of attention.
good or bad,
he knows what he is doing.
he came out with a video for his song “montero (call me by your name)” and…

this is some young madonna type of shake..
totally into ^that shit.
you know i love pissing off toxic christians so i’m already sold.
i love that it plays off religion and pokes fun at the bible.
he literally went down there and shook the whole house.
i love his explanation for it:

he ain’t lying.
according to the bible,
gays are allegedly going to hell,
we will have to deal with satan and suffer within the great inferno of hell.

Lil Nas X chose to give the devil a lap dance

i see nothing wrong and i’ll allow it.
i think we are in hell right now but that’s a whole nother discussion.
don’t even get me started on the motivation to why he wrote the song via twitter:

the way i just shouted!
all hail montero!

lowkey: miley cyrus was front row and center…

when isn’t she?

46 thoughts on “let’s get holy and sanctified with lil nas x today! (i feel this urgency for a christian mingle meet up)

  1. Just because the traditional Black Church has shunned us does mean that you have to condemn or believe yourself to be damned, you Can have a relationship with GOD if you genuinely desire, cause no matter what religion you believe or if you even do, it’s well documented through all of them that’s anything referencing a devil figure is NOT one you want to be embracing, your not going to be dancing around all happy “owning it”, again if you don’t believe that’s cool, but I personally believe I’m more then just this body I definitely feel that I have a soul, and not just gonna up & offer it willingly to some demonic entity whether for Art or not, jus sayin

  2. Gross and Demonic why would you even want to do something like this? He seems off mentally and I’m not suprised many black gays like this twisted ass video. Mine is gone

  3. I do like Lil Nas X as I have stated before, but, if we are honest this song is not good; it’s almost unlistenable. 2nd the visuals for the video are almost the same as “Holiday” which is almost the same as “Panini”, at least with “Panini” it came across as fresher. Something else that I don’t understand is what exactly is supposed to be controversial about the video, at the end of the day Nas X is supposed to be a gay dude who ultimately ends up going to hell, which by a lot of peoples interpretations would be in line with the bible which is, in fact, the opposite of controversy.

    I am starting to be a little torn with Nas X, I want him to truly be who he wants to be, but I am tiring of the constant depiction of the feminine gay male. Not every gay man secretly wants to be a woman, some men actually like being dudes and conforming to that gender identity. I for one love being a man, I love masculine energy; I love wearing masculine cologne and putting on masculine deodorants; I love wearing jeans and slacks; I love shaving and all the male grooming products that come along with it; every gay dude is not trying to put on heels and wear a lac

    1. That’s a discussion that most gays don’t want to have. I completely agree with you and I would love to a do a deep dive into the mentality of it. Lil Nas X is free to be whatever depiction of gay that he wants to be. I’m not interested in the little boy and I never got “masculine” from him to begin with. However yes I am sick and tired of the stereotypical feminine gay being what is not only promoted but generally accepted as our truth. We are not a monolith and we desperately need more representation of other gays. I want to see us celebrated as men not just seen as the other questionable lesser than male in the room playing dress up. I love Big Sean’s support of Nas X and that should be the norm. I love that his father supports him which ultimately matters above all.

      1. I agree. Gays are pushing an over the top feminine as the norm . That’s some people that’s not everyone. And it doesn’t mean they’re closeted Bc they won’t wear a crop top and heels. I think it’s generational. I saw a guy saying “old gays are mad bc young gays are freer.” Ive met this person in real life and he had on compression ones and a half shirt to go to a fashion exhibit. Very underdressed . There’s a difference in expressing femininity and being poorly dressed and using that as an excuse. lol it seems gen x and older millennials had the ability to discern the difference.

        1. As a member of Generation X, I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen Black artists break down barriers to social and cultural expression. I can always tell the difference between the real and the fake. This is FAKE as FUCK. His team’s actions are tantamount to career suicide. His first single was a middle-of-the-road “pop hit,” and he was considered a pop artist. The $$$ are in the Pop world. Artist kill themselves to get what he had. Now he trying to be controversial, and capitalize off of WAP and Megan the Stallion Body. When compared to WAP, this new song is not a head bopper (which brilliantly just found an old banging house cut, and rapped over it with salacious lyrics). The song is trash, and video is just too obvious, and makes no significant statement. I hate to admit it, but I was out clubbing when Hoes in the House was playing at the Bachelor Mill, Traxx (the real one in DC), and other Black gay nightclubs. Please forgive me if I steered a little too far. In any case, he is about to lose more than he gains. Selling shoes with the numbers 666, etc., is a very niche market that has been dominated by White males. He’s not Billy Idol or Marilyn Manson, and the Marilyn Manson crowd isn’t interested in him (lol). He had the Billy and Molly Cyrus (whatever her name is), along with others bopping to his first song. Well, watch how those numbers tank. Oh, and his look, not CUTE nor sexy. Prince in a trench coat, high heel boots, and thong was sexy because he gave you masculine with a slight fem look. These lace front wigs are a hot mess. The multi-colored hair another hot mess. And, we see this look every single day on some Fem Queen thinking he is doing something risque. Nah, bruh its been done. Find something new. Nike has quickly disassociated itself from him. Somebody better get this lil boy, shake him, and tell him that he ain’t shaking up shit, what he is doing is shaking the coins out of his pocket.

          1. @Mitchel Yes!!!! From the mouth of a gen Xer!!! Do u have twitter or fb?? These are the types of opinions we like — from the gays who made it

          2. @Mitchel and the AWARD goes to YOU! God this is why I would NOT wanna be apart of Gen Z, I’m an older millennial (32) and I have to say I’m so unattracted to this Era! The music is so talentless (singers can’t even go beyond the 2nd octave anymore) the clothes have No rhyme or reason, the dudes look so undernourished & you don’t if they’ll be Michael today & Michelle tomorrow, it’s like they took everything from the prior Generations threw that shit in a pot sprinkled hella glitter in and said “Here”

          3. @MItchel: LOL, but I have to agree with you. ESPECIALLY THIS: “Somebody better get this lil boy, shake him, and tell him that he ain’t shaking up shit, what he is doing is shaking the coins out of his pocket.”

  4. The message I got from the video is that Lil Nas X is saying especially to the black church you already think we’re going to hell for being ourselves so let me show you what will be doing in hell.

  5. 1) it’s all for attention he was a twitter troll before being a rapper
    2) I noticed a lot of attentionistos love it bc it’s right up their alley
    3) if nas were an everyday Black male with visibly black features and dark skin and expressed his femininity would these Black/POC gays stan and consider him sexy??? No

    He gets hype because he’s gay and famous ( they think they have an opportunity for $$ by expressing interest) many of these people don’t genuinely like him lol…. had old town road not gone diamond 9/10 would’ve set him aside just like throw that boy pussy and 484584949 other gay rappers and that’s not homophobia that’s being REAL. I’m seeing people attacking gays for having an opinion they don’t like the song. we don’t have to all like something bc a gay artist made it.

    1. I’m confused by 3. Are you missing a “not” in that sentence because Nas IS an “everyday Black male with visibly black features, dark skin and expresses femininity”. If that’s what you meant to say, one of us can’t see! 😂😂😂😂

  6. I just saw a message to Lil Nas X from his dad saying,” Very creative video.I got through it 😂😂😂. Congratulations.Live life on your terms.Very Proud of you”

    I bet his Dad praising his video and being proud of how he’s living his life is what matters the most ❤.

  7. I was not feeling the devil lapdance He just used it to be salacious and controversial to get plays The devil is having his way with the world with all kinds of suffering and calamities and now the feather in his cap is someone giving him a lap dance SMH

    1. I feel you. My question is this his art or his label’s art. It reminds me of White folks art. Better yet, what White entertainment does to Black artists. Okay, we need for you to do something similar to Cardi B and Megan the Stallion. Put on some color wigs and sell sex. Okay, well for the White kids let’s do something edgy, like kiss the devil. What envelope is he really pushing? People normally with little talent like Madonna and Britney Spears (neither one could hold a note or sing on key if you paid them) had to push. Madonna and Britney blatantly stole from other artists and sold it to the White masses. Now artists, such as Prince played with boundaries, but it made sense. Janet pushed sexual freedom, but it made sense, and she could discuss why she was pushing boundaries. You understood Janet and Prince’s message both in the lyrics and their video. Hell, Badu and Scott, play with boundaries and sex. This was a bunch of DOG SHIT on your SHOE that you don’t know it is there, but you smell the shit, and you keep looking until you find it. I don’t see his career going too far. And, who ever is managing his career is killing it. Little Nas X, go and learn about music. Check out real edgy artists, such as Betty Davis https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eLgZvOtzy0 or Sylvester, and countless others.

    2. You sound very off, on a gay website talking about the devil having his way with the world. According to the world, gay Black men are the devil’s work in the world and Black community.

  8. Kudos to Lil Nas X. This is what art it. This is what art does. He managed to snatch the stigma of hell from the mouths of those too afraid to explore the boundaries of their own sexuality. Its true, “There is no hate like christian love.”

  9. I wish LNX the best as a black, gay man but his music is not for me. As others have said the video seems a little forced and shock value driven. I will keep listening for his music to evolve, however. Now if Last Offense and EarthTone want to come out with new music, I’m all ears…

  10. I loved the video from start to finish. Lil Nas X is owning who he is, and that video is so Black, so gay and so queer it’s fantastic. I also thought the song had a nice little hook and can listen to it over and over. More power to Lil Nas X. He’s not following anybody and doing his thing and I’m here for it.

  11. I’m glad he’s living his truth, and Black Christians think every Black artist has an Illuminati member card. However the song isn’t my cup of tea and the video just felt forced to create shock value. The gimmicks of artists these days isn’t just talent. I do like the fact that he created an actual visual that’s different but i was just bored watching it. I see Lil Nas loves to strip tease lol

      1. I’m happy for any gay man who is free to just be themselves. I’m not interested in anything he’s selling though and all of this is just for shock value because the talent just isn’t there. I get the concept of the video and him taking his power back but the execution is lackluster and corny to say the least. I really hope he uses his 15 minutes of fame to create generational wealth while he has it.

        There are gay rappers like Syd and Tyler the Creator who actually make good music that I’m more than happy to support.

        1. You mentioned Tyler the Creator who has NEVER come out as gay and trolls, so not sure what that’s about. At best he is bisexual.

          1. He’s clearly gay to me. If you actually listen to his music the proof is right there.

            How YOU personally feel about Tyler is between you and yourself. I didn’t ask nor do I give a fuck.

        2. @To Be Young Gay & Black

          I agree. Syd & Tyler make dope music! I like the alternate-rap and alternate music style in general that they both take.

          I’ve recently got into Kevin Abstract (from the Group Brockhampton). I love his album “American Boyfriend” and his mixtape “ARIZONA BABY”.

          I’m not against whatever Nas X is doing and I clearly understand that the gimmicks are a marketing ploy for attention, I’m just not that into his music.

          PS I also believe that Tyler is gay too lmao.

          1. LOL Thank you Endless for the recommendation of Kevin, I’ll check him out. Yeah I love the alternative style they produce as well, I feel like I’m aging out of popular music and I like music with more substance and got some meat to it. Just good vibes!

  12. I like Lil Nas as a person, but he isn’t talented at all. I turned it off ofter 30 seconds because it was awful.

    1. I think he would have been better served by making this reflect two masculine leaning men in a normal real-world setting. That would have probably gotten the right kind of shock value type of attention. This video will be forgotten by Monday morning.

      1. ^i can see that.

        we need to start seeing more masculine gay males shaking the table in entertainment too.
        the world needs to show all sides of being black and gay.
        ones who won’t turn around and date white gay males as many who came out did.

      2. I think it would be better served to stop trying to make him your masc icon. He clearly is embracing the masc AND fem parts of him and just like if a man says he’s bi, people say he’s really gay, whenever a man embraces ANY fem part of him, he’s automatically fem.

        When a masc gay rapper comes out, I hope he gets support, because they definitely have been some and NOBODY supported, so this narrative is redundant. Black people keep saying they want something, but don’t support it when it comes out but complain constantly.

        1. I’m glad somebody said it!! The gays love telling other gays how to be gay 🤦🏽‍♂️

        2. The funny thing is I never said or suggested that he should portray masculinity because there is something wrong with being effeminate. It probably struck a nerve though, so I hate that you analyzed it in that way. Personally, I don’t like the references to Satan – the ruler of evil. That’s the viewpoint behind my comment, if anything. 🤣😂🤣

  13. Honestly, I didn’t like the music video (or the atrocious lace fronts)… I just don’t like Lil Nas X as an artist (nowadays that term has lost its meaning), but love and respect him as a fellow black gay man who is brave enough to be his authentic self.

    I have a lot more to say about the music video, but apparently ANYONE who has the audacity to critique it is a “hater.” LMAO!!!

    1. ^nah jumanji!
      say it with yo chest!

      i don’t care if someone has an opposing opinion about the video.

      people ahave to be okay with people not agreeing with them.
      you know i don’t gaf.

    2. No, it’s just cool to “not be into what everybody else is into”. Growing up, I rememeber gay men saying “I don’t listen to Madonna or Britney”. Then as I got older “I don’t listen to Lady Gaga or Beyonce. I’m still a real man”, Now it’s “I don’t listen to Lil Nas X’ But I bet you all listen to these homophobic rappers. Lil Nas X isn’t the first, he’s just the first to be given a chance and I cannot wait until he has his “Whoa, I don’t normally listen to Lil Nas X, but this is a bop” era. I saw people arguing that Jhene Aiko was the strongest voice of our generation so whenever people try to act like they “support real music”, but Brandy and Monica need a Verzuz to get a nostalgia bump but flop otherwise, shows the deep hypocrisy.

  14. I don’t get the concept of the phrase, “call me by your name.” I guess I need to watch the movie to get it.

    Anyways, lil nas x’s last two singles flopped. Hope this is a hit for him.

  15. DWRCL.. well I guess Lill Naz just said Fuck it…this is ME….wow- he burned the envelope and left the ash on the floor- you go Lill Naz ..bravo

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