nfl ex baller, zac stacy, legit threw his baby mama into the tv

this is one of my worst fears tbh.

Finally meeting some (baller) wolf I’m really into,
he is into me as well,
things are great until he is upset and punches me into the oven.

from nerds to wolves who play by the rules in public,
you just never know who is abusive af out here.
wtf is going on with all these toxic and abusive relationship stories these days?
i’m starting to be grateful i’m single.
ex baller jackal of the nfl,
zac stacy,
just got exposed for abusing his baby mama in front of his 5-month-old son and well…

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another beautiful black woman killed by a dusty from under a couch (courtney cox)

as a black gay creative,
aiming to take his career to the highest of heights,

i have to be careful about what partners i let into my life.
i see so many gay males with good shit going on being absolutely careless.
they let anyone in their homes and up in them.

Loneliness causing a lack of common sense is the number one killer in this life.

on the flip side,
i know way too many black vixens who allow “anyone” into their lives.
i see so many black women putting up with nonsense just to say they’re in a relationship.
they get into these “r&b vixen songs” drama-filled relationships,
getting bred by the dustiest of males,
and being stuck with some loser for life because of loneliness.
courtney cox was a lawyer in atlanta who lived in an apartment building in midtown.
she decided to date a dusty and well…

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brian laundrie is finally found

most social media couples always start off like ^this.
cute pictures that are all smiles to convince us they’re #couplegoals.
it makes many of us seethe with jealousy or lust.
lust is dependent on if you’re in your homewrecker bag.
if i came across gabby petito and brian laundrie’s pictures online,
especially with the whole proposal and going to travel cross country,
i would have gotten wrapped up in the hashtags.
like many of these forward-presenting couples on social media,
all wasn’t what it seemed.
there were all kinds of abuse going on that ended with the murder of gabby petito.
they finally found closure to the insane manhunt for brain laundrie via ny post

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if you’re gay, you’re die alone so just fuck and party the night away! *throws confetti*

i wrote an entry about a scene in the new “gossip girl”.
in the entry,
i fonted:

“opposites do attract and good dick/cheeks are out here with your name on it.”

in which it led foxholer,
to respond:

Jamari have to disagree a bit. I don’t think there is any booty/dick with our names on it. No one really has relationships in the community. I’ve only seen one Ltr and they were white. We will die alone unfortunately. I’ve learned to accept that.”

i won’t lie,
the comment blew my top off.
when i really stewed on it tho…

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i miss u (and i know i’m not supposed to say it)

when some males leave our lives,
society often tells us that it was for the best.
there is that period at the beginning stage where it was.
you try to convince yourself how awful they were.
like clockwork tho,
they start to creep back in.
they start running around and wreaking havoc on your emotions.
after that happens,
you end up creeping on their various social media.

“Are they happy without me?”
“Did they move on?”
“Are they with somebody better?”

i had a thought over the weekend about how hard it is to truly move on.
you think you do,
but it seems like The Universe (or satan) doesn’t make the moving on process either.
you see their name everywhere,
they dominate your thoughts,
and sometimes you can feel their energy around you.
all your friends look at you crazy if you even utter that you missed “__________”.
we are supposed to move on but…

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did the hatred from homophobia end up killing lauren leslie?

so pretty.
we rarely speak about issues that lesbians face within the community.

society will have you believe they are accepted,
but they can face the same kind of homophobia that gay males can.
lauren leslie,
may have been killed by her girlfriend’s stepfather due to homophobia.
he ended up killing the girlfriend’s mother and himself via “people“…

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