kate middleton makes her comeback with very sad news

You what this reminds me of?
When your mind makes something bigger than what the reality is.

“He is probably without me and having a good life”…
and then he tells you he has been miserable and flexin’ heavy on the gram.

as a content driven society that lives for drama,
the recent #whereiskate scandal had us all in grips.

kate middleton vanished and we wanted to know where TF she went.
i won’t lie but the conspiracy theories were a fun ride.

I was expecting the one where Kate found out Will was cheating and went rogue.
She was a planning a divorce and she would team up with Meghan for a BRF take down that would be streamed on the OWN network.

like our minds making things bigger than they actually is,
kate middleton has been in a private battle.
she revealed that she has been fighting cancer today…

and now Kate are all battling various cancers in the BRF atm.

this is really sad.
i’m sending her healing during this troubling time.
i’m gonna font something that might be a tough pill to swallow:

They are going to use this as a reason to throw more hate towards Meghan Markle.

she won’t even be able to promote her business without associating it to kate.

“How DARE Meghan Markle upload that IG post 3 weeks later knowing Kate has cancer!”

“Meghan wears stripes at an event mocking Kate! That biracial whore!”

“Why couldn’t this be Meghan??????”

ya’ll know how this is gonna go.
when people hate you,
they will make you the reason for failure and famine.
they’ll probably try to twist it that she is the reason that kate got cancer.
just watch.

lowkey: kate is a mother with very young kids.
i feel for her and her family tremendously.
i hope she can beat this.

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  1. This is..hmm. She needs to leave if she wants to survive. Kidnap her children and go. This is disturbing. That many with cancer tells me the environment has a carcinogen or……

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