the battles of those around us we know nothing about (virgil abloh)

you know what everyone says when someone dies:

“Love on people while they’re still here.”

everyone says that when some big celebrity passes.
you know how celebs help others question their molarity or to do the right thing.
this weekend,
we lost virgil abloh due to his secret battle with cancer.
he trailblazed during his young life as a menswear designer for louis vuitton and his own brand,
off white.
he worked with everyone from jay z to ye.
he had MANY friends and admirers in the industry who are mourning his passing.
he was 41.
what i took from this passing is,
we need to appreciate those while they are still here but…

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cloudy with a chance of cancer

“How have you been?”

at this point,
we haven’t spoken for a month now.
some messages get answered; many don’t.
it was never like that with us.
she has been crazy busy with her new job so it’s understandable.

“I’m good.
I have cancer but I’m great…”


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i’ve been giving bad head

so i’m a cancer sun,
my moon sign is in virgo,
and i’m an aquarius rising.
that leads for some fun stuff up inside me:

cancer moon – emotional
virgo sun – critical of self
aquarius rising – detached; i come off chill and together

with all of that definitely comes with struggle.
i don’t know if anyone has been feeling this way but…

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aunt wendy has gone “petty cancer”

cancers are not to be played with.
we can get in our emotional bag when we are hurt.
as soon as we get the shit together,
the claws have already been sharpened.
necks are about to sliced and backs will be stabbed.
aunt wendy,
who is a cancer,
has gone full petty on “that ex-husband of hers”.
this is what “daily mail” had to report…
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(Foxhole) I Bet You Had A Better Day Than Me

i’m the one folks go to when their parents get diagnosed with cancer.
i guess i can be a comfort of sorts.
“my parents died of cancer and all i got was this lousy t-shirt”.
one of my closest home vixen’s mother was diagnose with cancer yesterday…

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