are you getting f*cked as hard as i am?

mercury retrograde check in with the foxhole.


this retrograde is fuckin me mercilessly.
not even the kind of hard fuckin’ that gives you a breather.
in between rounds,
you can get some water and open a window.


it’s the type of fuckin where you’re pinned and gotta take it.

i feel like the retrograde has an endless supply of condoms this go round.
i’ve never gotten it this hard before.
i’m super drained and exhausted.
it’s like i have something on my mind,
but i can’t figure out what it is.
it has me feeling weighed down,
extra sensitive,
and semi-depressed.

We got like a week and 1/2 more of this retrograde shit


2 thoughts on “are you getting f*cked as hard as i am?

  1. awwww jamari *hugs and pats back* silly billy, you forgot the shadow period after it ends 😂😂

    then it’ll be Leo szn. whole lotta drama and crying.

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