i love a good mission(ary)

*i’m laying on my back in the bed.
the way he is looking at me,
i can tell he’s ready.
he climbs on the bed and spreads my legs open.
once he crawls on top of me,

i feel him place his warm tongue on my neck.
i’m hard now.

i take my hands and run it slowly down his back.
i follow the curve and place my hands on both of his plump cheeks.
i squeeze on his handle bars to let him know that
i’m ready…

that’s one of my signature moves when a wolf crawls on top of me.
once my hands are squeezing on your ass,
i’m pretty much ret to go.
so i thought i was the only one who loved the missionary position.
this tweet i saw today tho…

mo better blues.
as a cub,
i would watch this particular scene when i wanted to jack off:

watching wesley’s ass contracting between the sheets,
while he was grinding on top of her,
would turn me af on.
i would imagine it was me underneath.
i would be lifting my legs in the air,
squeezing on his fat ass,
and allowing his dick to explore every inch of my foxhole.
i’ve always wanted to duplicate that scene with a wolf.
i will with someone i’m really into.

the thing about missionary is it’s a really intimate position.
she was right with that tweet.
it can be boring if you’re just “fucking” someone.
wolves i was “just fuckin” always just thrown my legs on their shoulders.
missionary is so much better when you’re kissing and he’s stroking.
when he’s whispering shit in your ear while diggin’ you out.
don’t get me wrong,
doggy style is an amazing position.
i’ve always been the “i’m trying to get a nut” position.
you just need to be fucked doggy style.
there are certain porn scenes where i’ll bust hard to doggy,
but that missionary tho…

That one gets me every time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “i love a good mission(ary)”

  1. Shoot, any position is fine with me as long as he stay hard. I stay hard, so he gotta go the same. It’s only fair.

  2. Yes missionary is my favorite position too. Take control of my body while I gaze into your eyes. Ecstasy! Pin me down while I dig into your back. When I grab that ass, I’m ready for us to both nut. Ooo Chile now I’m horny. Bye!

  3. Love missionary! I want that transcendental out of body experience in my lovemaking. Dont get me wrong though, sometimes you just want a good nut, but with the right person, you can travel to the moon and stars and never leave the bedroom!

  4. Missionary is the gateway to extreme pleasure!! It’s so intimate. I want my partner to see the ecstasy in my eyes!! I want him to see how he drives me crazy under him.

  5. I have ALWAYS said that missionary is the best, esp for intimacy. lol If you cant find a dude that cant fuck in missionary. Then he simply cant fuck!

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