*tips to have a clean and juicy foxhole

i want to have a little fox talk in this entry.
so foxhole…

Doesn’t the sex in porn and “onlyfans” always look so easy?

the wolf shows up,
slides in,
and the sex lasts for what seemed like hours.
we forget that there’s often prep work involved beforehand.
as a fox,
you want to make sure your fox tail is fully prepared to munch on.
i was on twitter today and came across this:

and this was one of the answers

so don’t follow that one unless you’re into that kinda thing.
this is the one made more sense:

i’m intrigued about that suppository part…

the last time a wolf came anywhere near my foxhole,
he banged me so hard,
i ended up getting a hemorrhoid.

we grown here.

for some,
anal sex can lead to hemorrhoids.
i can’t font for anyone else,
but if a wolf bangs my head off,
i end up getting the most painful hemorrhoids.
the next time i decided to have sex,
i’ll definitely look into this method.
the lubrication part interested me too.

Isn’t that poisonous if a wolf decides to munch on your foxhole?

one thing to add:

as clean and juicy as your foxhole is after cleaning,
you still must protect it.

lowkey: i hear you should involve more fiber in your diet too.


15 thoughts on “*tips to have a clean and juicy foxhole

  1. thanks for this post jamari :-*
    do you have any tips / posts on “how to relax while bottoming” ? asking for myself. lol

    1. Just think about whatever makes you happy or something totally opposite of what’s going on. Hopefully your partner knows how to finger the ass with lube first and give a little oral to get you set up to take some dick. All you gotta do is spread your hole and push it out so he can do the rest. Tell him to be slow and gentle cuz this ain’t a marathon. It’s really all in your mind so just take control. You got this and enjoy that dick!

  2. Bwahahahaha @ Run! Mannn, thats why you have to be careful around tops who dont usually bottom, that wanna bottom or men that live that str8 lifestyle a.k.a. on the DL. Most str8 men, not all, but most of them I dont think wipe or wash their ass properly and they probably dont care because “no one is going back there” but you better make sure its clean when u want someone to go grocery shopping…no one want no brown paper bag, plastic only please! lmao

  3. I don’t know about all these tips especially using a suppository after fleeting, just sounds like you are setting yourself up to actually shit. It’s one or the other.

    I’m going to look into getting an enema pump because I do believe you should be fleeting before sex but that’s all. Take a good shower and clean your hole and make sure you haven’t ate anything in awhile. Something the sex be so good that shit happens or sometimes the dick too long and shit happens. Either way let’s be adults about it. Protection is key!

  4. I douche for about three sessions. Then after everything is clear and nothing is inside of me I take a shower and clean the hell out my ass so everything is nice and clean and fresh for him when he goes down there.

    Also the last two years I’ve been topping I’ve noticed that bottoms are not cleaning down there. I fucked a man featured on this blog a year ago and he was a top and asked me to top him and I went down there and spread his cheeks to eat and you can see little light brown turds in his hole. His body was clean and his ass was full of shit. So then I told him I can’t eat it and he says why? And I go because it’s not clean you don’t feel all that shit back there and he was so embarrassed. Nasty bitch

    1. ^males that want their asses ate,
      and we know some males love to get munched on,
      need to keep it clean back there.

      a wolf better have his shit clean before i give him a tongue bath.

  5. I’m not a bottom but I am a health care provider. I would suggest you add an oil enema to your ritual. They are available at the same drug store. You can even mix it with a little silicone oil to lubricate your goodies. Water and fiber are important and remember fried foods/processed foods in moderation. For those that generally suffer from the deadly “H” try to use exercises to relax and open your orifice (booty).

  6. Pure for men is amazing! Take two twice a day with ALOT of water & when its time to fleet it won’t take more than a hour.
    Its $26.99 for a 30 month supply, but Amazon has generic brands for cheaper but Pure for men is the best

      1. DO NOT waste your money on “Pure”. It’s a narcissistic gay gimmick promoted by paid “influencers” designed to take your money.

        It’s active ingredient is Psyllium Husk which you can get from Walmart or Amazon for 70 percent less. And it’s not just for bottoms. It’s for anyone who cares about hygiene and wants a cleaner less messy outcome when taking a poop. You will use less toilet tissue when using psyllium.

  7. I came across someone that said they put a lil corn starch when the fleet so they cream when their boo is hitting it.


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