we can all ride safaree’s meat, whenever we feel like it, pretty soon?

safaree samuels might have done the smartest thing for his brand.
instead of hiding after his nude’s leaked,
he made something to help build his empire.
 you can say or font that “experienced” what it’s like to bang safaree…

12 inches tho?
i’ll need a foxholer who gets it to send me a lot of pics in different angles.

porn wolf,
rico strong,
is allegedly fuming over safaree releasing a dildo.
this is what he put on “doc johnson“,
the company that’s manufacturing the safaree dildo happen,
in their ig comments:


Does Rico even do porn anymore?

i haven’t seen him in years.
he’d be better getting a toy made of his fat cheeks,
but he’s a “straight” porn wolf.

i’ve never heard anyone having dick envy over rico in his prime tho.
now this:

…this was a serious problem in his movies.
i still think justin slayer had the best straight wolf tail in porn.
j strokes and ricky johnson follow.

let safaree have his moment.
i think rico needs to open an “onlyfans” and call it a day.

you can order safaree’s pipe at: doc johnson

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “we can all ride safaree’s meat, whenever we feel like it, pretty soon?”

  1. Rico shut up with your bubble butt ass hating
    And I’m buying that dildo as soon as it drops lol. Safaree can get all of it i was feeling him yrs ago before the nudes leaked. I always thought he was sexy with those lips

    1. So true, if he wants popularity join the franchise like other celebs. “Wow now that would be interesting story line”. let him use that leak to his advantage. Its not like he’s being Dethrone from “Dogfart”.

  2. I’m sorry but I do NOT think Rico is bigger then Safaree, no shade but maybe some of his wait is hiding this supposed 13inches? But one thing I DO KNOW is Rico’s dick damn sure ain’t as PRETTY as Safaree’s 😂 that thang was mositurized, glazin’, curved and HEAVY 😩 and the head was kinda rosy in color if I’m not mistaken!

    1. I am Rico strong’s biggest fan. Ideally want his cock. But safaris is awesome.but ricos is the hardest fucking cock on the planet. When you can fuck a sissy boi cunt . HMU let’s Fuck

  3. It is kinda fucked up dudes that have been in porn for decades can’t get these deals but they’re giving them to a reality tv star.

    1. That’s the business tho. These companies have to ride the wave of what’s popular at the time & what consumers want. Can’t blame them for doing what’s right for the company either.

    2. This is a popularity game, and Rico, unfortunately, has been out of the business for a minute ….he needs to open a Justforfans or OnlyFans…he’s still relatively young (sort of) and would be welcomed by fans …that should be his focus moving forward , not trying to get a dildo deal lol

  4. Rico, seriously? His dick looks like that long pencil we had back in the 90’s/early 20’s for school, just long and skinny. Nobody wants to ride that shit. And correction; he used to have a bubble butt, but he got so fat, his ass is absorb to his back. Now it’s just a long line.

  5. DWRCL… black people always fighting each other…RICO ..STFU..no one needs your dead ass dick….why cant he be happy for Sarafee? dumb black ass nigga fuck he is……now where can i get Sarafee dick to purchase//DWRCL….. hope it has the curve like the real thing……..hmmmmmmmm

  6. So what we will not do is play Mr. Strong. Yes he still does porn. He has gained about a good 25 lbs and still looks great. His face isn’t that cute anymore tho. And Rico does have a longer dick than Safaree. But Safaree is just fatter than ricos

  7. Yes I’ll take two but I’d have to give the best straight male pornstar to jullian st jock and ricky johnson perfect asses rico is a hater

  8. Rico sounds real bitter. Lol they didn’t offer you a deal for a reason. Your old news. Plus didn’t he have to have his dick drained cause he took to many viagra?

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