dwight howard claims he ain’t gay like a year later

remember when nba baller wolf,
dwight howard,
was outed a year ago?
i forgot about that too.
dwight went on fs1’s “fair game with kristine leahy” to talk about it.
he admits the obvious when it comes to his sexuality...

‘I’m not gay,’ Howard told Leahy in the FS1 interview, which will air on Wednesday. ‘It’s a lot of people who are and they have to hide, and there’s people who have mental issues and they have to hide. There’s people who have different problems in life and they have to hide. They have to put on the mask every day, and it’s like, I don’t wanna wear no mask, I just wanna be.’

the “obvious” as he is gonna claim he’s “not gay“.
did you expect him to come out?
after that fight he put up?

wasn’t the verdict still out if the jackal who outed him was telling the truth?
even if dwight was allegedly gay,
he’s still playing ball and wants to keep his career in tact.
folks aren’t too kind round dem parts for gays in sports yet.
my question is:

Why address this now?

everyone moved on and stopped caring.
i legit forgot all about his alleged “outed” drama.
let’s hope he didn’t wake up any sleeping jackals with alleged receipts.

quote cc: the daily mail

10 thoughts on “dwight howard claims he ain’t gay like a year later

  1. Listen to that little 2 minute clip again and listen carefully. Seems like Dwight just came out the closet in a round about sort of way. On one hand he is supporting those people that are gay and are afraid and he said they like him should just BE, JUST LIVE Their life.

    On the other hand he denies the guy and the alleged story yet he was liberated from the hate and to be who they are. Seems like he is talking about himself. Took him a couple of months to dig deep into his own life and decide after all that thinking TO JUST BE.

    Dwight, Ive been gay longer than you have been alive. and the book you just published I have read many books like that. I support you to JUST BE YOU and its no ones business who the hell you fuck but the pressures you put yourself through causes you to do this interview to clean up aisle 6. Not necessary., Not needed. Be like Diddy..JUST FUCK WHO YOU WANT AND SAY YOU WERE DRUNK!

  2. Dwight is or used to be very very religious. I think he addressed it publicly cuz prob people in his circle are still talking about it.

  3. In 2019, why should it even matter if he is gay or not? Sad that people still care who adults sleep with.

    1. I guess you’re not American? Have you seen our President? Yes, people will still care because they’re criminals, or lie too much for their own good, thus opening themselves to questions, and for the simple reason people are really weird when it comes to sex…especially in the US.

  4. I think Dwight Howard is a shell of his former self, father time loses no battles, he is on the last leg of his career and he has indicated that he wouldn’t mind playing for the Lakers or the Clippers. While the story may be old to the general public, I’m pretty sure executives and higher ups haven’t forgotten, and it was probably communicated to him that he needed to address these concerns before he would even be considered for any of these teams.

  5. I honestly believe he’s sexually fluid and thats okay, but I don’t believe the boy was lying on him.

  6. Dwight Howard’s probably been walking around with this since he was outed and just had to say something and blow it right back up. It’s kind of like Young Thug coming forward to tell Lil Nas X that he shouldn’t have come out because “I dealt with this s— before. I know what he going to be dealing with. So that’s why I was like, f—, he should have never said that, he should have never told them.” I get that he’s talking about people coming for him for wearing dresses, skirts and camisoles, but he did not come out and wasn’t outed. But it’s like he was basically confessing that he was DL. I mean, Young Thug, just stop talking….

  7. Most people had forgotten about this story.Now I’ve seen it on about a dozen blogs tonight and almost everybody in the comments are saying he’s lying or saying he’s bisexual or sexually fluid.Sometimes it’s best to zip it,let sleeping dogs lie.

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