side hoes: don’t roll up to kamrin moore crib without calling first

ive been following nfl baller wolf for the giants,
kamrin moore,
since he played for boston college on snapchat.
i think at one point,
they got his nudes on tumblr.
the alleged pipe,
his lips,
and just his overall swagg were appealing.
well kamrin may have put a dent in his nfl career.
he allegedly couldn’t keep his paws to himself…

The New York Giants have suspended safety Kamrin Moore after he was charged with aggravated assault following an incident in which a woman alleged he stepped on her neck before knocking her unconscious.

The Linden, New Jersey, police officer who took the alleged victim’s statement Saturday, more than 24 hours after the alleged assault occurred, wrote in his report that the woman had visible bruising, swelling and abrasions to her face and neck. Police are classifying the incident as alleged domestic violence because the victim told authorities Moore was her “intimate partner.”

Moore has pleaded not guilty to the charges, attorney Alex Spiro told CNN.
“The claimant in this matter showed up unannounced and unsolicited at Mr. Moore’s home to begin an altercation with Mr. Moore’s girlfriend and invent these accusations,” Spiro said.

Added agent Eugene Lee: “We remain confident that when the truth is revealed, Mr. Moore will be exonerated and vindicated completely of these baseless charges.”

According to a probable cause affidavit, a woman walked into the Linden Police Department early Saturday and reported that she had been in Moore’s neighborhood to pick up a friend Thursday night.

The woman, who is identified only by her initials, said she and Moore had been dating since January and she texted Moore to tell him she was in the area. Moore didn’t reply to the texts so she decided to drive to his home, she said, according to the affidavit. When she arrived, a woman approached her vehicle attempting to speak to her. The alleged victim exited her vehicle and a physical altercation ensued, the affidavit says Kamrin ran towards the females and watched while they assaulted each other,” the woman told police.

When the alleged victim fell to the ground, “Kamrin placed his foot on her neck and began to apply pressure,” the affidavit says. She got up, yelled at the 200-pound defensive back and shoved him, she told police, and “he struck her on the left side of her face with a closed first causing (her) to lose consciousness,” according to the affidavit.

A friend took the woman to Rahway Hospital for treatment.

so in my head,
girlfriend/side hoe/roster chick was doing a drive by.
she either wanted some dick or she was trying to catch him in the act.
the unanswered texts was a first clue…
when she got to his crib,
another vixen came out and she realized she was getting played.
he had no right to put paws on her,
but kamron always had those “crazy eyes” to me:

the last time he snapped,
some latina vixen was kissing up on him out in the city.
i wonder if she was the one involved?
from how she was acting on snap,
she looked like she was getting a heavy “claimed”.

I see she might have been one of many

aren’t they all?
if he fumbled the bag by being a fuckboi

article cc: nbc

4 thoughts on “side hoes: don’t roll up to kamrin moore crib without calling first

  1. Damn where the pipe pic at? lol asking for a friend. All jokes aside this is a shitty situation for all parties involved. I think Kamrin should have been more focused on making them team. He looks like a ladies man though so he probably can’t help it.

  2. I really liked the picture you posted of him up top but what stands out the most to me was his manicured hands. It’s just something about a well-groomed man, I find myself looking at hands, if the feet are out does it look like they’ve seen a pedicure, I’m looking at teeth, I’m looking at skin does it look like you use lotion, does your face look like its seen moisturizer.

    First off, I don’t really buy the story and I’m going to give Kamrin the benefit of the doubt. The woman who came by unannounced already said she got into an altercation (beat up) by the woman who came out the house so that would explain the bruising and swelling. All because you lose a fight especially one that you may have started doesn’t automatically make you the victim. Those women were out their fighting because they were basically trying to be chosen. Kamrin is 22 years old making a little over $600,000 a year under a 2-million-dollar contract, he’s young, good looking; these women are out here fighting for access to a lifestyle they desire.

    I’m just a little disappointed in Kamrin assuming that he was being dishonest with these women at any point. At his age he should be enjoying life, he should be playing the field … dating and dating often… a different woman everyday of the week if he wanted to ( I’m not advocating he be promiscuous a date doesn’t always have to end with sex). At 22 with so much going on there should be no such thing as a girlfriend.

  3. why do these guys put their careers at risk?! They will not get away with this foolishness like their Caucasian counterparts. When will they realize that?!
    Looks like he needs a refresher in how to be a player. His dumb ass got caught out there through the most basic of methods…the unexpected pop-up! Dumb ass.

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