side hoes: don’t roll up to kamrin moore crib without calling first

ive been following nfl baller wolf for the giants,
kamrin moore,
since he played for boston college on snapchat.
i think at one point,
they got his nudes on tumblr.
the alleged pipe,
his lips,
and just his overall swagg were appealing.
well kamrin may have put a dent in his nfl career.
he allegedly couldn’t keep his paws to himself…
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you either slay your “giants” or you tame them

we all have giants that are blocking our blessings.
it could be crippling depression or anxiety,
the fear of not knowing where our lives are going,
or the insecurity of confronting a sexuality that we keep hidden away.
in order to get to the next level in our lives,
we have to either slay or tame these giants.
if you don’t,
they will kill you day by day.
a foxholer begged me to watch a web series on youtube.
i was putting it off for the longest,
but i’ve come to realize that when my soul is starving,
the universe will present something delicious at the right time.
the last couple of days was the right time.
the show was called “giants“…

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silence is where your answers are.

when i have no direction,
The Universe literally takes the wheel for me.
I believe.

so i was laying in the dark earlier.
i’ve been fighting something trying to bring me down all day.
i had a nightmare last night that kick-started the bs.
on the positive,
i was randomly scrolling fandango and found 1 ticket for “endgame” later.
i should be happy about that,
but i wasn’t.
i made the mistake of scrolling through the big set up that is social media.
where everyone looks so perfect,
skin is poppin’,
outfits are red carpet ready.
here i was:
a slight food baby,
little gassy,
nd breaking out on my chin.
i’m probably over exaggerating with how i feel inside.
i don’t feel sexy,
a list,
or even wanted today.
so i randomly found myself on keith powers page.
he was in my explorer page.
i saw he posted a video with this caption:

this is the video

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odell beckham jr has finally done it

so baller wolf bae in my head,
odell beckham jr,
has some exciting news.
he’s done something that i prayed for a while.
yes foxhole…
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odell beckham jr and saquon barkley get caught in an embrace (of sorts)

some males fan the flames of their rumors,
especially when it’s alleged gay rumors.
nfl baller wolf,
odell beckham jr,
is no stranger to his alleged gay rumors.
he truly has no fucks to give about them.
i saw this clip with him and rookie,
saquon barkley,
in a recent game

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Aaah Football Sunday (Meat Of The Minute)

I watched Daddy Devin kick the Saint’s ass today.
Getting ready for sexy jump offs Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin to battle Arizona.

But I was watching the Giants go at Dallas
and was slapped in the face by this….

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