Aaah Football Sunday (Meat Of The Minute)

I watched Daddy Devin kick the Saint’s ass today.
Getting ready for sexy jump offs Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin to battle Arizona.

But I was watching the Giants go at Dallas
and was slapped in the face by this….

Everyone meet Domenik Hixon.
Now turn around and introduce that fatty.

Light skin.
Originally from Germany.
…and a fat ol ass.

CanĀ  I get a dick report?

He is definitely on Meat of The Minute.

Tops that are reading,
this one is for you.

(until I get a solid DR.)

Couple more pics and 3 videos….




Can I juggle his balls like a Ringling Brother?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Aaah Football Sunday (Meat Of The Minute)”

  1. love to death sir … but you should watch game until the end cus the Saints def can back and got that ass … game went to OT. But as a Vikings fan who is a TX (home of Adrian Peterson) native I must say … AGREED.

    1. Garry, step into my office! You can’t just drop that and run. Hit my email because I have a couple questions.

      Also, slip my blog to anyone in these particular locker rooms that get down.

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