Flashman Wade Serves CAKE

flashman wade wants to serve you cake.
he has a “super dee duper” fat tail for a wolf,
but he is shooting scenes for his “cakebook”.
what a way to capitalize.
this is some of the bts
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foXXX: Justin Slayer Lays Pipe Like A Good Christian Wolf Should

tumblr_lbzlloio7j1qd5bcwo1_500justin slayer is a good christian wolf.
like many other christian wolves,
his pipe layin’ is enough to make you say:


this foxxx right here is the reason i like him and his fat christianly ass.
of course this is only for my 18^ single’s foxhole ministry
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foXXX: Rome Major Cums Into Porn Town

bd29023d8d0dd9901ac79186b0d61e72we talked briefly about hoodrats with good pipe.
well meet hood rat wolf,
rome major,
the newest porn star on the block from philly.
he LOOKS so philly tho.
he isn’t the sexiest or has the nicest body,
but he knows how to beat a coochie into submission.
ice packs on set.
he the type you call after 11pm,
comes over and lays you the hell OUT,
and you never speak of it to anyone… ever.
everyone has met a “rome major”.
they just ain’t gonna say.
everyone always talks about his cakes so i’ll let you be the judge…

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