Flashman Wade Serves CAKE

flashman wade wants to serve you cake.
he has a “super dee duper” fat tail for a wolf,
but he is shooting scenes for his “cakebook”.
what a way to capitalize.
this is some of the bts

he is smart.
he knows his cake is his best selling feature.
why not make some “cake” off it?
pun intended.
i’ll definitely allow it.
if he has successful gone through this industry,
without someone bending him the whole over,
then i’m applauding him.
that takes skill and strength.
well unless he is the “bender-over”.
either way,
one of the jackals or hyenas would have exposed him already.
you know they can’t hold water.
here is a special gift from one of the foxholers:


the foxhole loves to share its snacks.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Flashman Wade Serves CAKE

  1. He got a sweet ass! I bet his tail feels firm and soft, but I have one issue tho. His bedroom is a fucking mess! He don’t know how to clean?

  2. I like him because he is gay friendly.He is respectful to his male and female admirers.He has also mentioned his support for gay rights and women’s rights on his IG.I also like that he seems to have a good sense of humor.

      1. ^ i concur. He’s one of those attractive people who shouldn’t speak lol. Especially since nothing of substance ever comes out of his mouth. Just be pretty

      2. @96 king funny enough never heard a word from him mouth. Watch all his shit on mute, nigga don’t need to be heard w all that ass.

  3. Nice body but I unfollowed him recently because every other word outta his mouth is ni**a. He says it to black and white people all the time. I loathe that.

  4. He’s a hamdsome guy, has a NICE ass and nice size dick. We’ve seen it all. There’s nothing more he can show me…except a sex tape. LOL

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