deon long spreads them cheeks like land o’lakes without a care in the forest?

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i’ve always wondered how this whole baiting situation actually goes down.

Baiting is when someone sets up a fake profile and gets someone to show their nudes,
only to leak the nudes for free OR charge people to see them.

the baiter uses pics/videos of a really hot vixen to get the package.
i know many bait horny straights for their dick pics…

…But videos of him playing with his wolf hole tho?

… that is the part that confuses me,
or maybe it shouldn’t?
ex pre-baller wolf,
deon long,
has been allegedly getting baited for years now.
i know he has a nice set of cheeks on him
( x see it here )


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josh hart serves a heart shaped cake

you already know i luhhhhhhh a nice pair of biceps and a nice pair of bunz on a wolf.
when you see a nice pair of bunz in dress pants,
like ^the picture above,
it’s literally a chef kiss.
nba baller wolf for the new orleans pelicans,
josh hart,
got engaged to his beautiful black vixen,
shannon desiree.

he posted the picture of the proposal on his ig,
but everyone has been talking about…

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king james shows us how he gets tremendous power in his glutes

king james puts in a lot of work.
even on lock down,
he is very dedicated to his craft.


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All band and core work! Let’s work folks! Who with me??? #StriveforGreatness🚀

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you know his work out routine is intense af,
especially when it comes to his legs and glutes.
oh the glutes!
running up and down the court,
you know your lower half is where all the power lies.
king james takes his glute game very serious…

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charlamagne gave dj envy the cheeks

i’m still not convinced charlamagne is gay or bi.
i think he can be an asshole,
but i highly doubt he is anything less than straight.
i could be wrong.
i’ve been wrong before.
so everyone is talking about how he gave his dj envy,
his co-host from “the breakfast club“,
his ass.
no seriously.
charla gave him the bunz like…

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i thought having a creamy hole was a good thing (but now…)

i never had anything creamy cum out of my foxhole when i was having sex.
maybe my soul left my bawdy for a few seconds,
but that was about it.
in porn vids,
i’ve seen foxholes getting extremely creamy when getting penetrated…

…i’ve always assumed it was because of the lube,
but i might have been wrong.
james the soul snatcher,
posted two videos that was retweeted in my timeline.
i wanted to share it with the foxhole…

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shaun drake puts his back in to it?

we couldn’t have a hump day,
and fontin’ about lamonte last night,
without mentioning shaun d aka shaun drake today.
as you know,
shaun is part of the “exotic paintings” with lamonte.
he’s know how his gigantic tail as well.
a foxholer sent me this today…
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