deon long spreads them cheeks like land o’lakes without a care in the forest?

*the following is rated xxx
viewer discretion is strongly advised

i’ve always wondered how this whole baiting situation actually goes down.

Baiting is when someone sets up a fake profile and gets someone to show their nudes,
only to leak the nudes for free OR charge people to see them.

the baiter uses pics/videos of a really hot vixen to get the package.
i know many bait horny straights for their dick pics…

…But videos of him playing with his wolf hole tho?

… that is the part that confuses me,
or maybe it shouldn’t?
ex pre-baller wolf,
deon long,
has been allegedly getting baited for years now.
i know he has a nice set of cheeks on him
( x see it here )


…what in the entire world?

if that is him:

Who is he sending these videos to?

why did he choose to do this scene in the backseat of a car?

what vixen is this concerned with seeing his tail?
spread cheeks and all?

i know eatin’ a male’s groceries is a “thing”,
but you never see alleged jackin’ off leaked pics from him.
 he could know he has a nice tail and charges anyone to see it.
the straights know what the gays want to see for money.
at this point,
he should open up an onlyfans and call it a day.
there is a sustainable income that can come with cake worship.


lowkey: his hole doesn’t look used and abused like others.
 could it be he might do anything just to get pussy?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “deon long spreads them cheeks like land o’lakes without a care in the forest?”

  1. Mr. DEON LONG is wanting some attention from his admirers!! He has my full attention and will do things to him he wouldn’t think!! Love It!!!

  2. I don’t give AF! I would jump in the back of that car and EAT & I don’t even eat ass like dat! 😂 his hole nice asf!

  3. Straight men love when their butts are admired. By women. We’ve been down this road with Porsha from RHOA’s ex and many others. “Straight” men will do anything because it’s a woman. I have so many stories of guys hanging with me and asking me to call a girl over so they could do things that would otherwise be gay.

  4. Didn’t this guy try to rob someone a long time ago? I don’t think he’s worth the trouble, but that ass looks delicious. 😏

  5. Allegedly he’d fuck the trannys until he got exposed on Tumblr, now he’s into getting fucked and he has very low inhibitions. It’s actually very sad, but sex work is work and we’re in an economic downturn so no judgment here. He stays in the DMV so if you’re on the apps there you have a chance getting all up in that red hole. He hangs out by gas stations in SE. Very high sex drive and can take an astounding amount of dick.

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