let that “dream” go

i’m learning that when i really want something,
i have to let it go.
sometimes for my own sanity at least.
i have a tendency to get obsessed with things i want…
wolves i want…
a life that i want…
i think about it a lot and try to stay optimistic,
but the doubts in my mind will find ways to be pessimistic.
i was sent a post from tinsahe about getting what she desired after she detached.
it really inspired me…


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STORY TIME: Summer of 2013 I was at my cousins’ house in Iowa when I decided to make this picture of a Grammy my Lock Screen and PROMISED MYSELF I would not change it until I won. I kept that shit on my phone for 7 wholeeeee years. A few months ago I finally decided to let that dream “go” … awards are dumb anyways and I do not need them to validate me as an artist.(I still stand by this!)

Fast forward to today, I was playing warzone sitting on the couch when I found out a song I wrote and recorded in my house was officially part of a GRAMMY WINNING. album. “They say” that when you let go of wanting something really badly, that’s when it happens. LOOK AT GOD.

Thank you to @kaytranada for being such an innovator as well as such a special, kind, beautiful person. It is truly an honor. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

i felt this sooooooooooooo heavy tbh.
i think this was sent by The Universe to me.

there was a wolf i am interested in.

he stays on my mind.
every time i think about him,
i get so fuckin’ horny.
he makes me feel something i’ve never felt with past wolves before.

i started feeling sad because i have no answers.
i decided to detach from him.

unemployment hasn’t paid me in weeks.
i’m literally surviving off the prayers of my passed angels.
even though i don’t have that income coming in,
i haven’t had to beg.
The Universe has truly been looking out for me.

i called and they said they’ll approve me,
but i never got the letter they promised.
i felt sad about it,
but i decided to move on and look forward to the “what’s next?”.
i don’t know “what next?” is looking like,
but i have faith it will all work out.

i’ve been in a feeling of “chill” since i’ve done a reset.
it honestly scared TF outta me.
i’m always use to feeling anxious about something,
but i ‘ve had no feelings about anything.
i thought it was depression,
but i don’t feel that familiar feeling inside me.
i feel…
over it?
whatever is meant to be shall be?

there are things i want that i have no energy to chase any longer.
if i’m supposed to receive it,
it will come to me.
if not…

Something better is on the way.

let go.
stop giving something you desire “desperate” energy.
pour all that attention back into you and see what happens after you start to glo.
you’ll be like a magnet to your desires and better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “let that “dream” go”

  1. Yes!!! Let go and let the universe bring it to u! I’m a witness that everything works out for your good when you let go.

  2. Law of Attraction, what’s meant to be yours will manifest. SN: what’s your cashapp or PayPal for future reference?

  3. I’ve been there with the wolves. And they always hit u up when u stop thinking about them. But that, too, is tricky because u shouldn’t have to ignore someone to get their attention

    1. If you have to ignore someone for them to “notice you”, they don’t want you. They wonder why you’re not stroking their ego, playing your role. When somebody wants you, it won’t be “doing too much”, it won’t be “smoke signals to get his attention”. You’ll feel weird at first, but get used to a new normal where somebody doesn’t play games and wants to be around you.

  4. Tinashe became a better performer after she became independent. Letting go opens multiple doors for people. I know this to be true in my life.

  5. Facts. I used to act like I couldn’t do better than certain people. I decided to stop putting energy into them and put it into me. Now I look back and feel embarrassed. I wasn’t where I wanted to be chasing people that didn’t want me. Now whenever I feel something off, I let it go. I can always do better. (I don’t mean looks, I mean behavior that makes me feel unwelcome)

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