when all you wanna do is suck on and worship the feets (grandy glaze)

he looks handsome here.
no doubt he is attractive,
but his extreme attentionisto ways can be a turn off.
feets play is a serious fetish out here for some.
many vixens always telling me they’ll start an onlyfans,
but they’ll only show their feet.
in my “soon to be a teenager”years,
i use to have an obsession with wolf feets.
something about the arch would turn me on when i saw it.
after that it was the attraction to a wolf being tied up,
which included cartoon charcaters,
and now it’s…

…watching a nice ass on a male,
gay or straight,
thrusting in the missionary position as its being grabbed.

grandy glaze took his circus for all those who like feet worship.
he made a few videos with casey carlise cooper aka @caseycooperxxx,
who is self-proclaimed twitter’s foot fetish star,


…does he do anything with vixens in his onlyfans content?

serious question.

i can understand the lust over a nice pair of feets tho,
but some males feets be jacked af.
missing or black toenails or they literally look like they are used to catch fish in rivers.

i won’t lie to you tho:

I do like looking at how some wolves wear a nice pair of shoes

it’s like that episode of “sex and the city” when ol wolf had a foot fetish on charlotte’s feets:


even though the feets might be grisly,
the presentation in the shoes can be well put together.

lowkey: it seems grandy is engaged…


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what happened to that big vixen he was fuckin’ with?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “when all you wanna do is suck on and worship the feets (grandy glaze)”

  1. I like how comfortable he is with himself and how he seems inclusive of all types. Blacks ,Whites , Gays, Straights ,Bi and Trans( that young lady under the tree with him).

    I could easily hang around someone with these characteristics. I love the energy of people who have no hang ups.

  2. The last time I seen somebody do something uncomfortable was Phat Daddy taking dick from Tiger Tyson. That was a clear sign of doing something for money. Grandy basically busted out the closet but since he hasn’t done actual penetration on camera, “he not gay, he’s just comfortable in his manhood”. If you have an onlyfans with nothing but guys, you are gay.

  3. The engagement was all for attention.

    He already was very “meh” to me but the fact it seems he’ll do ANYTHING for attention and money, aside from make a decent sex video, makes him desperate and unattractive to me🤷🏾‍♂️

    1. Gay men are just as, if not bigger, simps than straight men. At least with straight men they are simping for somebody with a compatible sexual orientation…

  4. He’s very much still dealing the big girl that’s who he be fuckn when he does post his sex videos so she’s still in the picture, the rate he’s going he’s definitely headed towards a gay sex video coming in the future!

  5. Family-sized Flashman Wade is dumb and annoying as fuck. I’ll be ecstatic when his fat boy, mutt genes kick in and he’s no longer desirable and just stops posting. He could’ve used his height and complexion to his advantage and became an actor, but a bag of potatoes has more common sense.

    What a glib, undesirable, sex-addicted fag.

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