let that “dream” go

i’m learning that when i really want something,
i have to let it go.
sometimes for my own sanity at least.
i have a tendency to get obsessed with things i want…
wolves i want…
a life that i want…
i think about it a lot and try to stay optimistic,
but the doubts in my mind will find ways to be pessimistic.
i was sent a post from tinsahe about getting what she desired after she detached.
it really inspired me…

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detach from the outcome and live your best unbothered life

i learned a valuable lesson yesterday i wanted to share with the foxhole.
i think subconsciously i already knew this,
but i needed to catch up consciously.

The wonderfully relaxed state of being UNBOTHERED

when i heard trump didn’t sign the stimmy or didn’t extend unemployment,
i started to feel trapped in a cage.
during the day on saturday,
that was probably when i felt it worst.
i kept checking news reports constantly,
reading the same updates,
taking in other people’s trauma,
and giving myself immense self-torture.
by saturday night

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