let that “dream” go

i’m learning that when i really want something,
i have to let it go.
sometimes for my own sanity at least.
i have a tendency to get obsessed with things i want…
wolves i want…
a life that i want…
i think about it a lot and try to stay optimistic,
but the doubts in my mind will find ways to be pessimistic.
i was sent a post from tinsahe about getting what she desired after she detached.
it really inspired me…

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You Can’t Spell “Beyonce” or “Rihanna” with Tinashe

poor tinashe.
she tries,
doesn’t she?
well she had a recent interview with the guardian about being a black singer.
according to her,
you can only be successful if you’re “beyonce” or “rihanna”.
this is her exact quote from the article…
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Who Wants To Have A Slumber Party?!

britney-tinashe-slumber-party-remixi have a confession.
i been listening to britney spears first two albums lately.
i know.
it’s lighthearted pop fun that i need right now.
i like britney spears current album “glory” tho.
i haven’t listened to it in a while,
but i liked “slumber party”.
well britney dropped a remix video with tinashe the other day.
this is the outcome
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Tinashe Is Giving You “Superlove”

tumblr_obujj7eGtw1voa4coo1_500so remember those pictures i posted a while ago about tinashe?
it was from ( x her video that she was filming ).
well the video has been released!
the song is called “superlove” and here it issssss…
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Tinashe Will Not Lose (Your Attention)

36AC094000000578-3713018-A_little_sugar_never_hurt_anyone_The_beauty_sucked_on_a_red_loll-a-45_1469724484631tinashe is going to make “this” happen.
she won’t give up.
she will not be this generation’s “mya”.
no sir.
well tinashe was spotted on the beach in malibu,
filming a new music video.
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Chris Brown Unleashes The Big Bad Wolf on Tinashe

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 7.20.38 PM

well damn chris.
no chill?
he isn’t right to drag tinashe across my kitchen floor,
but she shouldn’t have been so passive aggressive.
i don’t really feel sympathy for her.
next time,
stand by your shit and be professional about it.
he added some post points on twitter…
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