Tinashe Will Not Lose (Your Attention)

36AC094000000578-3713018-A_little_sugar_never_hurt_anyone_The_beauty_sucked_on_a_red_loll-a-45_1469724484631tinashe is going to make “this” happen.
she won’t give up.
she will not be this generation’s “mya”.
no sir.
well tinashe was spotted on the beach in malibu,
filming a new music video.

…you peep the one with the legs opened wide?
it’s a “thot to thot” world now.
you gotta try and out thot the others to win.
i’m not mad tinashe!
this may just put you on if this calvin harris thing doesn’t work.

lowkey: that swimsuit isn’t flattering to her shape.


…or maybe it’s just me.

*pictures credited: pacificcoastnews | the daily mail

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “Tinashe Will Not Lose (Your Attention)”

  1. She really needs a whole image overhaul starting with her look to her lukewarm songs.

    Her and Kehlani do nothing for me at all.

    Looks like no one will be stepping on Rih or Beys toes anytime soon.

      1. It was a lot like her other mixtapes and e.p. good but some general club dance tracks were forced in there. Songs like Player & 2 On are not really Tinashe’s typical style but as with most artists trying to make a name for themselves she went mainstream for her singles. Personally I don’t think that they fit with the overall album. But you might just like her album J, especially Far side of the moon.

  2. No, something is off with that swimsuit, I don’t know what though. I’m so confused, it seems like she’s trying the milf look way too early

  3. If I would of seen this picture from the neck down, I would of thought it was a 67 year old woman who is on the prowl for some young dick.

  4. Tinashe better be smart and continue her endeavors with Calvin Harris, gets so dope beats and music and get her a real hit.

    I want her to win. I’m still bumping Aquarius. Have you listened to it yet J?

  5. Good luck to her! Beyonce and Rihanna aren’t the only female singers out there. Just the only ones that are promoted and over exposed!

  6. She is a good artist. She just needs a better team around her. She should focus her career right now on dance tracks, which is her strong point. Hook herself up with the right producers and put out some good dance/club tracks. Once she gets established she can branch into slow jams, since she has a few good ones.

  7. Tinashe is a good artist, she just needs a better team around her. She should focus on her strong point right now, which is her dancing, and target the dance music audience. Hook up with the right producers and she could take off, because she has the talent and moves.
    Once she gets more established, she could drop some slow jams here and there..because she has made some good ones in the past.

    1. I actually think the opposite Christian! I don’t think dance tracks are sustainable anymore, well at least, for her. She’s not unique enough. Sure if it’s good, it’ll get you a few dollars for like one month, but there’s too much saturation in that market. I think it would be smart if she went a more Jhene Aiko/ Miguel/ Weeknd route, I feel like that’s trending right now and she could do very well in that department if she does it right. She does need a good team though. She needs to find a way to stand OUT instead of blending in. She does need a goo or better team though. If she tries the whole “i’m so sexy” thing, she will lose. IMO. She’ll just be another Ciara, but at least Ciara had some good years behind her! I liked her slower music, imo, her fast tracks suck and were so boring, she sounded like everyone else. I liked Aquarius and some of her other more “chill” songs, but then again, I don’t like fast tracks, and I like chill, so maybe I’m just pushing my bias xD

      1. I agree with Dignified. Her music is very similar to Jhene (Bae) but I think that she’s trying to move away from that sound b/c she wants to be (or they are trying to market her as) more of a pop star. And I guess that I’m the only one who likes the pics but I’ll blame it on my attraction to Tinashe…

  8. I hope this finished product is better than this, praying for good video editors to make those rolls on her stomach vanish and disappear. She needs to burn that swimsuit at the altar and ask for forgiveness. Dont know any of her music but I am sure its good and hopefully one day when I have nothing else to do I will find out.

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