mustang get cut by dababy because of dajackals

we have to realize some people never change.
i don’t understand how porn hyrbid,
didn’t see the writing on the wall tbh.

When someone shows you who they are; believe them

he went into the dababy video thinking he had a clean slate…

but dajackals got him cut from the video…

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Protected: the music video that has the wolf with the big spice in his drawz (get the tape measure)

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all zednray want is u

i really like how zednray handle their fame.
they could go absolute next level attentionistos,
but they keep a sort of mystery about themselves and their relationship.
they are both extremely sexy so there’s that.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but they’re music artists as well as being extremely sexy.
they have a new video out called “all i want is u” and…

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one of the foxhole favs does music video

i like when wolves i feature aren’t:

1) homophobic bitches
2) rude bitches
3) dumb bitches

they get rewarded with the iconic title,
“foxhole favs”.
one of the foxhole favs,
who is known for his amazing pectoral muscles,
was featured in a recent music video.
a vix-bi wanted us to check out who it is…
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ciara on the “level up” in this chess game called “career”

ciara has had an interesting career to me.
sidebar: can i tell you how obsessed i was with “goodies”?
the first time i heard it was in the club i was obsessed.
i liked how she “sung talked” through the track and that beat

she introduced the world to “crunk n b”.
i bought that album on the first day.
when “promise” came out,
“the evolution of ciara” was another first day purchase.
after that,
everything was absolute terror.
she started hanging with the kkk,
the next few albums were a shit ton of misses,
became the laughing stock in a twitter beef with rihanna,
and i’m still confused over her seeing a “future” with future.
she fell off super heavy and i thought it was over for her.
well after becoming #relationshipgoals with baller wolf,
russell wilson,
her career was put on a low heat again.
she just released a song called “level up” and this is the video

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“God’s Plan” Is To Cum Get This Celibacy!

i love when folks do good deeds.
males that i think are hot especially.
nothing gets my loins on fire than a wolf being selfless.
well drake did a whole music video with him doing that.
it’s called “god’s plan” and it was shot in florida.
he gave away close to 1 million and this is how he did it…

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