all zednray want is u

i really like how zednray handle their fame.
they could go absolute next level attentionistos,
but they keep a sort of mystery about themselves and their relationship.
they are both extremely sexy so there’s that.
as you know,
or didn’t,
but they’re music artists as well as being extremely sexy.
they have a new video out called “all i want is u” and…

…it’s really dope.
the song is really catchy and the video has a budget.
i love good camera quality and a storyline.
one thing folks need to remember is the fantasy part of fame.
some folks work better when we have to fantasize about being with them.
imagine being in-between this meat sandwich:

i’d probably spontaneously combust.

i’ll allow it.
i hope the forests can support these two wolves,
regardless of how they choose to get down.
you can listen to “all i want is u” on all streaming platforms under “zednray“.

go raid zednray: youtube

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “all zednray want is u”

  1. I just can’t connect with then anymore. They come off as not genuine just for the sake of scamming to survive. I think they’ve both realized the hustle: gay men typically have or find disposable income to trick off on masculine and attractive men who they feel they may never actually get an opportunity to date or be romantic with in real life. The Grandys and LMGs and Lamonts of the world have pretty much proven that you can even hate homosexuality and STILL make money off of the community just by executing the hustle. Unlike the aforementioned group,, ZedNRay happen to openly be a part of the “community”, yet they are still fantasy men because of their asthetic. I’m not mad at them for using what they got, but I can’t really respect their art because it all feels like a money grab and less about the music to me. 🤷🏽‍♂️

    1. They’re both attractive men. However they’re only a “fantasy” to gay guys who can’t have them or have to pay for them. Meaning, you know they won’t look twice at you on any given regular day. And I mean that with no disrespect.

      When you workout, have a nice body and look just as good as them and have had guys that look just as good/better, then you’ll realize that they’re a dime a dozen.

  2. Very sexy couple! I love seeing brothas together. Plus if we don’t have each others’ backs no one else will. I hope they keep making music and stay together too.

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