one of the foxhole favs does music video

i like when wolves i feature aren’t:

1) homophobic bitches
2) rude bitches
3) dumb bitches

they get rewarded with the iconic title,
“foxhole favs”.
one of the foxhole favs,
who is known for his amazing pectoral muscles,
was featured in a recent music video.
a vix-bi wanted us to check out who it is…

…and it happens to be sir chidi!

…and he was recently in the “juice” by lizzo:

fuck chidi for a second


she did that.
i’m about to check out all her shit because i’m sold offa that track.
i could hear that song playing after an episode of “insecure”.

all my “foxhole favs” would do good starting in a music videos.
i mean,
tell me they aren’t working out for likes and fashionnova.
many of my eye candy favs got their start in music videos.
being one of them:

i want to see more of the foxhole favs doing more than the gym.
give me “love interest” for 2019.
mine and in a rihanna video.

lowkey: back to chidi…

you know i love a nice chest.

21 thoughts on “one of the foxhole favs does music video

  1. I’m so proud that lizzo is getting the shine she deserves I got my sister into her and a couple others like TeaMarr

    Lizzo favs:
    1. juice
    2. boys
    3. phone
    4. humanize
    5. truth hurts
    6. fitness

  2. I loved that blue FashionNova pants he was wearing the other day posted on the gram, it just looked too good on his thighs 😍💦

  3. LOL! I Love how this post was supposed to be about the “foxhole fav,” but all the comments are about the artist. *adds to playlist*

  4. Oh I absolutely freaking love this song and love the retro style and vibes of the video and the song and she low key gives me Vesta Williams and Martha Wash weather girls two tons of fun teas I totally enjoyed it!👍

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