marvin bienaime issues a statement to quiet the alleged whispers

so it happened.
when it did,
i was alerted with the quickness too.
marvin bienaime issued a statement about the alleged whispers.
something that i hope he did.
this is what he put up on his ig stories

and he also put up screen shot to prove it:

i missed when he posted the original warning.
he has every right to defend himself tho.
i heard a majority of of his models came to his defense too.
it’s disgusting that someone would go to great lengths to do that.
he isn’t some attentionisto for baiting purposes.
i’m kinda mad at the other models who allegedly fell for it.


Author: jamari fox

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35 thoughts on “marvin bienaime issues a statement to quiet the alleged whispers”

  1. You don’t even have to be famous. People are lonely, wallow in their loneliness, have mental illness and feel powerful behind the anonymity of the Internet I had this done to me on MySpace, so this will only become more common as people accept doctored screenshots as fact and don’t bother to research claims. Social media will not be going anywhere and on pretty much every successful person’s page you see a disclaimer that it’s their only page, etc Very sad reality of social media.

    1. ^that is very sad carlton.
      now i see how the attentionistos/nistas feel finding out they’re on backpage.
      i don’t get why folks don’t FT to see if the person is real…

        1. ^oh i have?
          one response is the whole comment section means i side with marvin?
          who woulda thunk!

          what side are you on?
          you seem like you want to join a side and unsure of what to believe.
          i could be wrong tho.

  2. Sorry, this does little to remove the “creep factor” he exudes. And he did not address the allegation that HE requires nude photos of his models even though the genitalia is never shown in the finished product. Someone needs to ask him that question directly. Or better yet, let me!
    “Mr. Marvin Bienaime, have you EVER asked a model to send nude photographs of himself prior to a photo shoot (or as a condition to land a photo shoot)?”
    It’s a simple question Mr. Bienaime. Yet you failed to address this in your IG stories. Instead you focused on some troll pretending to be you, not the allegations against the real Marvin Bienaime.

  3. I agree with the comment above me 100% A lot of people have back up pages as well. So it actually could still be him. I remember a while back his page was reported and temporarily disabled. And he made a post about how devastated he was on his back up page.

    I use to do a lot of freelance modeling. And though we never talked in depth because I thought he was a joke. He would always message me on Facebook,like excessively (before he had a big following). Also he doesn’t seem to keep a good rapport with some of the “models” he shoots. Donny, royal, and the Gaines guy exchange no interaction with him anymore which is telling. Also someone I am friends with who is a legitimate photographer shot a model who told him that Marvin was persistent in asking for nudes before they did a shoot. I seen the messages. He’s a creep and in my opinion an extremely mediocre photographer. He just has good taste in men. But people want to claim he’s not gay? But I have yet to see a woman in front of his camera GTFOH.

    1. Bro do you not understand that he is a photographer!!!! Where does it say a photographer has to promote models to get them fame??? You saying he use to message you on fb before he had a big following 🤔 of course when you are in the beginning stages of your business you are going to reach out to people to build your brand. if you really knew Marvin you would know he has shot numerous amount of females!!!!! But if he find a nitch that’s making him money why not stick to it. Once again like I said on the other post on here if someone is doing a nude calendar or a comcept that requires the model to be nude yes you may or may not require nudes prior!!! I can send you several photographers that require nudes prior and some require erected nudes because of the type of shoot.
      The thing is y’all dudes have fantasies in y’all head and y’all try to force them on any situation that think it fit.

      I know of Marvin bienaime through close friends and I know of his integrity. He would never do the things y’all are trying to accuse him of!!!!

      1. On January 9th you said, “I KNOW Marvin personally I KNEW him prior to him becoming the famous photographer he is today.” Today you are saying,”I know OF Marvin through close friends” So which one is it? Because reading through some of your older comments you intimated that you were friends or at least close enough to know firsthand( not thru hearsay) how he conducts his business.

      2. This is most definitely Marvin. The fraud continues. You weren’t even WOMAN enough to identify as yourself. #canceled

        1. I’m Definitely not Marvin. yeah I know him personally through friends what’s the problem? Y’all are very weird!!! The type of person Marvin is he wouldn’t even address y’all. It’s gays like y’all that give the rest of us a bad name. A person can tell y’all that it is and y’all will still find a way to take the negative route. That’s why I say gays fight for equality will never fully happen because messy punks like y’all.. take it how y’all want but it is what it is… the man said what he said and that’s what it is. It’s his business and he runs it professionally. And you telling what I said before what is that suppose to do? I woundnt dare sit here and try to prove anything to miserable punks like y’all 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Y’all are hilarious and desperate for tea that ain’t there. I’m done with you weirdos

  4. Ty stfu, Marvin is on no prestigious level for people to make up lies on him. He’s a popular photographer on social media, not a A list celebrity. He’s not even legitimate/well known enough to be verified on IG GTFOH. People percieve him to be a certain way because of what they experienced with him, not because of what they’re assuming. I mentioned him messaging me because they were excessive. If you messege someone and they don’t respond, would you continue to message them again and again? Probably if you’re that thirsty or mentally ill. That’s redundant as hell for your intention to be only shooting a model. Good looking dudes come a dime a dozen. I have no reason to lie on this dude. I shot with several photographers doing implied nudity NONE of them asked for nude selfies from different angles before the shoot, TF kinda shit is that. And you don’t even know Marvin, you’re saying you know OF him. So how the hell are you so confident Marvin isn’t fraud when you havent even had any type of interaction with him? Just because he’s a friend of your friends? Lmfaooooooo STOP

    1. You really want him to be a creep don’t you lmao 😂 at this point you are looking desperate for some sort of tea that ain’t there bro… it’s ok that you have your fantasy in your head of what you think it is but he said what he said and that’s it… why are gays so messy smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

  5. Hmm…I’m conflicted. On the one hand, I want to see another black gay man out here winning, but…idk, I just can’t help feeling that something ain’t clean in the buttermilk about Bienaime.

  6. I respect his hustle and his grind BUT I don’t believe one word he says. I’ve always felt something was off about him. I can’t shake the creepy vibe that I get from him. I feel like one day I’m going to read a statement from Donny or Royal about him. I feel these models do sexual favors to get put on or in hopes of getting on. And I feel they’re being sexually exploited for a buck.

    1. smh Y’all are weird… this man been a professional photographer since 2010 and have did all sorts of concepts. So now that he’s doing male models artistic nudes all of a sudden he’s a creep? Why do gays like to push their gayness on others. I’m so glad I ain’t that type of gay nigga to think every guy is gay. That shit is problematic AF!!!!

      1. Marvin or Marvin’s PR person STFU….its clear what your agenda is. You have been spamming this bored trying defend this scamming ass photography Queen. One minute you know him, the next you know of him….just a liar. It’s clear what he’s about and the fact that previous models have kept away from him. Clinton Moxam, Royal, Donny, Gaines, and the list go on. If anything they put him on the sameway he gave them exposure. Up here calling us punks when you and Marvin (probably one in the same) are the biggest punks of them all.

        1. Let me ask you a question when you go take your pictures at Walmart do you keep a relationship with the photographer? No you don’t… just because you don’t see these people going to him for shoots don’t mean nothing… y’all minds are so tarnished that y’all will try to force y’all fantasies on others!!!! I ain’t a PR I ain’t Marvin… right is right and wrong is wrong!!! I will defend anyone that’s out her doing good!!!! Where are these said models that are claiming to be doing sexual favors for a shoot… I haven’t seen one person that Shot with Marvin cape out and said anything negative about him. Where are y’all receipts??? Once y’all bring forth proof and not no made up screen shots I will STFU!!!!

          1. Have you not seen Jamaris previous post on Marvin queenerie,They’re are plenty recipients on this blog of people saying Marvin tried to get them to send pics, or came at them in a sexual way dumbass. OH And guess what? All of them are straight, So you going to call them queens too? Marvin is nobody special to sabotage. Other models who don’t even know each other have the same story, so everybody’s just lying and jealous huh? Stop while ahead clown. Every time a Fraud is exposed there’s always that one delusional Stan.

  7. @Ty, I have a question for you. Does Marvin show the model’s penis in his “nude concept” shoots? If not, why is he requiring full body nudes, which include penis, from his models?

    1. He’s requesting it because he’s a weirdo and a predator….legitimate photographers don’t request nudes and he knows that.

      Someone ask Royal and company to spill that tea. Lol

    2. Go and buy his calendar and you will see if he shows it or not!!! My thing is why are y’all so concerned about these grown male models that sign agreements to get photographed nude. Obviously these guys are secure with them selfs and trust Marvin with their pics. So why does it bother y’all so much? Is it because y’all want to be the one shotting these male models, is it because y’all lust over them that y’all think Marvin is too? I’m really trying to understand !!!

      1. @Ty (Marvin) He’s a blogger, he blogs about shit in the media….thats why its being talked about. Would you be here yapping, playing captain save a Queen if he didn’t feature these type of articles??? You are doing too much, which leads me to believe you are a cleaner or Marvina’s ass. Lmao

      2. Why can’t you answer a simple question, @Ty? If you’re his friend or know of him as you claimed, wouldn’t you want him to earn money by putting him and his product in the best light possible to entice people to buy the product?

  8. Ty, (aka Marvin) you’re an idiot, any dumbass can save up for a camera and say they’re a photographer to lure attractive but “desperate for fame” aspiring models. So saying that ppl are jealous? Lmfaooooo have a seat. How come nobody has said anything BAD about foto119 if that’s the case? Who is just as popular and shoots guys that are just as attractive? You still have yet to address if you know or know of Marvin. There’s a huge difference. At least stay consistent with your frauduary bro. First you knew him, then you knew of him, now in your recent comment saying you know him again. Lmfaoooooo Keep that same energy. Marvin hit me up years ago, when he was actually trying to model, I remember vividly because I was fucking annoyed by the back to back messages. That including other conversations I’ve SEEN (not heard) lead me to believe he has unprofessional motives and uses the little notoriety he has, to pull stunts like getting selfies from models. Even if that was the norm in the photography world, sending selfies would be optional for models not a requirement. Marvin immediately loses interest if you don’t send him the goodies. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD (k Michelle voice) I could give two shits about Marvin and his models. I wanted to say something months ago when Jamari made his first post but I didn’t. But because I know what he’s about I had to say my peace this time around.

    For you not to be Marvin, you are dick riding him something serious for him to only be somebody you know OF. 😂😂 most male photographers (not all) that shoot predominately males especially nude are gay, trust me I worked with enough to know why wouldn’t they that’s what they’re attracted too. So you’re saying a straight guy like Marvin wants nudes selfies of men from different angles from all his potential models? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 THE DELUSION.

  9. At this point some of yall just want him to be a creep so bad. The man is saying it’s not him and showing receipts that he has already warned people about the scammer but you still want to blame him. None of you actually knows him so how are you right and Ty wrong ?

    JustDoIt you said yourself that it was when he was starting that he basically harassed you so I can understand your side but he was starting of course he’s gonna be a little bit insisting.

    And let’s even say he does ask for nudes. I mean seeing his work I don’t get how it would be a problem. He’s shooting naked men, dick ass and all. It’s kinda logic he would ask to see it before. Ain’t nobody got time to waste. And nobody is forcing these models to send their nudes they choose to do it.

    Until a model who actually worked with him comes out with a creepy story I give him the benefit of the doubt. And just because he’s shooting handsome men doesn’t mean he’s gay. And even if he’s gay why is it a problem ?

    1. @louis People need to understand that men aren’t as forthcoming as women when it comes to being sexually harassed. It’s just something most straight men don’t talk about publicly. so there can be tons of models he’s violated but will remain silent, because they cut him off. Not saying this is the case but it’s highly possible due to the behavior he has displayed. Nobody wants this guy to be a creep. That’s a redundant statement to make. How does him having a alleged impersonator make his receipts credible? Yet he still has failed to address the rumors and screenshots of convos he had trying to get explicit pics from other models.

      I somewhat agree with you as far as these models not being victims,but at the same time these are guys who have no idea what it is or takes to be a legitimate model. They’re just attractive. Most if not all aren’t signed to a FORD or Wilhelmina. So they can easily be manipulated into doing something that they shouldn’t have to do, thinking that it’s the standard when it’s not. Though it’s not severe (to some) that’s still a form of being victimized.

      When legit photographers want pictures of you before you’re hired, they do test shoots in person not ask for selfies on a damn iPhone. That’s not how it works Louis.

    2. @louis this is exactly what I was trying to say… these young gays in here are messy as fuck… they really want him to be a creep because they them selfs are creeps. They are saying this man is not a professional photographer but these dudes are flying from different states just to shoot with him 🤔 so I’m trying to figure out how he isn’t professional. How guys that haven’t even shot with him making claims while he has shot with hundreds other and even the one that don’t shoot with him anymore don’t have anything negative to say. It seems like these gays on her just are the drama type. It’s disgusting and when guys don’t want to deal with them they call them homaphobic. Look at these comments let it had been some straight people bashing a gay person like these young immature gays are doing the whole LGBT community would be up in arms. So why is it acceptable for gays to be bullies but the are so call anti bully. I haven’t seen anything posted on this site that is credible to the claims against Marvin. And for you sissy that keep saying I’m marvin google my email you idiots you will see who the fuck I am

        1. Also, TY’s writing style is identical to Marvin’s post.

          Jamari? What are your thoughts on all of this?

          Who “alerted you with the quickness too”?

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