you are one mistake from being up for cancellation

“do we forgive these days?
or do we pick and choose who we forgive?”

what if a wolf,
who use to be homophobic in the past,
 decided to change his ways?
it could be because of many reasons.
he realized of his ignorance or life had a way of humbling him.
i’ve been wondering as of late,

…with the backlash during the kevin hart situation.
his past homophobic tweets were years ago,
and according to him is that he apologized for them,
but some of us still want him to pay.
ironically enough,
r. kelly has been leaving mass destruction all over the place,
and his past has been sketchy af at best,
but some of us continued to support his work over the years.

its no shock we live in a cancel culture.
all it takes is one wrong tweet,
or life choice to be banished out here.
we are all walking on egg shells by the general public.
folks may be living righteous these days,
but as soon as their old tweets are dug up,
we take offense and throw the book at them.
i don’t think we even allow folks to explain themselves anymore.
we cut them off for the next person.
so it left me stuck like…

Can we not make mistakes anymore?

i mean i’ve made mistakes and still do.
i haven’t always been the nicest,
or have i made the best decisions,
but i’ve realized how stupid i was and made an effort to change.
is that not good enough?
who i was isn’t who i am these days.
when i started the foxhole,
i had opinions that may have changed to who i am nowadays.

Is that not good enough?

so that means folks are only ridin’ with you temporarily.
as soon as you fuck up in this climate,
or fucked up way back then,
they may potentially be out.

isn’t that kinda scary?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “you are one mistake from being up for cancellation”

  1. People change but just because they changed doesn’t mean all is forgiven. It’s good that people grow hot ultimately were still held accountable for what we say and do

  2. If they were for Jesus then erased him out so they thought what can we really expect now. The best you can be is true to yourself on this journey and trying learning from your mistakes and move on. To dwell on what people say or don;t say won’t change how they feel. People change friends and erase each other like changing clothes. Sometime the clothes last longer. We live in a society that really keeps each other at arms length for fear of being a victim and in some instances the minute we allow someone in it;s either the wrong person or they had some unsavory motive. Life makes it hard to trust. I remember old folks saying you can count your real friends on 1 hand and still have fingers to spare. lol The saying was true then and still holds true today. Our lives are full of associates,or followers, not friends. There alliance is only to themselves nobody else.

  3. Am I the only one confused about this Kevin Hart thing cause HE is the only one I see always talking about it! The gays don’t even care.

  4. just saw the trailer to Kevin’s movie, the Upside. NOW I see why all the bullshit of shit said back when he was a young up and comer: Oscar’s callin, and mofos tryin to sabotage dat bag, baby. They can’t stand the [prospect of dat Monster’s ball and Training day thang happening again. Oh tha fuqqery!

  5. Why does this blog entry read like a defense of Kevin Hart? And to answer your question, NO people don’t change! They only modify their behaviors based on social and economic mobility. The core of who you are remains.

    – my two cents.

      1. @Jamari

        What in Gale King’s wig are you talking about? 🤣

        I know you’re not the enemy. If you were, I wouldn’t be here. I thought you were accustomed to my no nonsense point of views by now.

  6. I only cancel those that I believe are truly scumbags. I’m just left with the question how can you separate the art from the person or do you throw it all away? Kevin Hart is cancelled just because I never thought he was funny or any good to begin with. He don’t like the gays well I never liked yo ass either lmao. Kanye’s first 3 albums and the 5th one are classics that define my coming of age and the Cosby show is one of my all time favorites. Kanye May have a different logic than most but I believe we have a right to a difference of opinion, I’m putting him on timeout until he makes better music. I still don’t believe Bill Cosby should be locked up or that his achievements be stripped away from him. The women were all grown and took their chances with a married man. I feel like that’s more shame on you. Should he have to pay a fine or do community service sure why not but to suffer from some mess 40 years ago, I just don’t know. Now when it comes to Michael Jackson and R Kelly, children are defenseless and where there is smoke there is always fire. Their legacies are built into the fabric of black music that canceling them is going to be hard. But I do believe that they BOTH should be cancelled. Usher out here giving people stds, I need more info on that because though it is sick when you have sex then you leave yourself open to whatever. Who else is up for debate? Lmao

  7. Everyone has a negative comment if you go back on their social media far enough. We’ve experienced a lot of things that were not around when we were going up (transgendered people, non-cis gendered people, homosexuals, etc.) at least not openly. We’re not always going to know how to react.

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