i went to my dr. turner,
my old therapist,
with an issue that i was having about something during a past session.
i was feeling guilty over still having a past issue with someone.


“Because it’s not the right thing to do.”

“What is the right thing to do?”

“To take the high road and move forward?”

“Well you haven’t done that yet so it hasn’t been the right thing to do.”

that stuck with me.
i’ve always battled with “doing the right thing”,
but what is that exactly?

you know what i really hate that we are taught growing up?...

arrest (mi)

mi has lost it.
for those who don’t know who mi is,
she is my relative i’ve written about on a few occasions.
i brought her into my home and she continued to violate.
it ended up with her nearly killing me in here.
when she left my crib,
she took her circus to other family member’s homes.
as of recent,
mi got arrested

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you are one mistake from being up for cancellation

“do we forgive these days?
or do we pick and choose who we forgive?”

what if a wolf,
who use to be homophobic in the past,
 decided to change his ways?
it could be because of many reasons.
he realized of his ignorance or life had a way of humbling him.
i’ve been wondering as of late,

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Justin Timberlake Is Shooting Blanks With These Songs

so i guess “filthy” didn’t work so they’re trying something new.
justin timberlake has a new song/video for us.
it’s called “supplies” and well…
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Kill, Forgive, or Run Away

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 8.06.05 PMwhat is a fox to do?
no really…
what are we supposed to do?
on one end,
you want to kill the entire situation dead.
on another,
you want to work it out and forgive..
rih and b got us all fucked up.
i guess the answer is…

Do whatever your heart tells you to do.


…just don’t go murdering fuck-jackals who broke your heart.
that jail thing…
no bueno.

I Forgive Your Stupid Ass

267471665338821536ZwMhay1tccan you really forgive someone?

one question i don’t think that we really ask ourselves.
people come into our lives and they are not always…
they come off as the perfect “insert role here”,
but manage to show their asses down the line.
maybe it was you?
well i have learned something about forgiving an asshole…
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