arrest (mi)

mi has lost it.
for those who don’t know who mi is,
she is my relative i’ve written about on a few occasions.
i brought her into my home and she continued to violate.
it ended up with her nearly killing me in here.
when she left my crib,
she took her circus to other family member’s homes.
as of recent,
mi got arrested

she tried to steal clothes from a department store.

her new clique is a set of rambunctious hoodrats.
not only that,
she has been talking to a hyena in jail that has a murder charge.

I don’t know WTF is going on

from what i know,
she hasn’t been taking her meds.
the foxholers that know this story know i tried.
before i found out the truth about her,
i thought she was coming to start fresh with me to guide her.
this won’t end until she ends up in jail or dead.

even though we went through all that we did,
i forgive her tho.
the disease has her mind all fucked up.
even though i’m disappointed in her path of life,
i can’t hold onto the hurt she caused me.
so ima forgive and pray for some kind of change in her life.
i’ll ask for the foxhole to do the same.

6 thoughts on “arrest (mi)

    1. ^she is over the age that they can’t keep her against her will.
      she isn’t a threat to anyone so it’s not like a mental hold.

      she is simply being a dumb ass…

  1. Is there a way you can say she is not well and should be held in a psychiatric hospital? Contact the prison and say her situation?

      1. Alright. I know you’ve done your best, just…the correctional system clearly does not treat our people well, nor attempt to rehabilitate. Prisons are private for a reason. Free slavery labor. Mental health is not given. Black women are told they are being dramatic when presenting with sickness. I’ll keep her in my prayers that she can find someone to relate to and convince her to get on medication.

        I think from the outside looking in, “Take your meds!” is very unproductive. I think “I was tripping, but got back on my meds and even though the side effects aren’t perfect, I just had a wonderful holiday with the family and was employee of the month.” I think the words might hit harder from someone who has her same mental health struggles.

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