i mean…
everyone in new yawk’s phones was going the fuck off about this amber alert in the bx.
ain’t nothing worst when you can’t shut that shit off.
i remember when one went off on that train.
my phone was the only phone going off.

so i saw this video of this 16 year old,
karol sanchez,
getting kidnapped while walking with her mother in the bronx.


i screamed “OMG!!!!” when i saw it.
peep the outcome foxhole…

A 16-year-old girl who was apparently kidnapped right in front of her mother staged the whole thing, sources told CBS2.

The apparent kidnapping in the Bronx was staged by Karol Sanchez, who confessed to it after being reunited with her family Tuesday.

No charges have been filed at this time, but police are looking for four male accomplices.

can we talk about the tall wolf in that video?
okay proceed

in my head,
i was expecting to hear her dead or never to be seen again.
she is buggggggggggggggggin.
bug city.
she better move.
she had everyone out here worried and it was a damn stunt.
they should throw her ass in jail off the strength.
dumb ass.

lowkey: why does she look like deja from “this is us”?
she would pull a stunt like this.

article cc: cbs new york

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “HELP! I’VE BEEN KIDNAPPED!”

  1. She need her ass beat!! Human trafficking is a major issue currently going on and she pulls a stunt like this.

  2. Well juicy smollet wanted “international fame” he got it!
    Every hoax from now on will always see his name come up.
    Hope your PROUD GIRL! 😘

  3. Sad sad sad! Like stop all these stunts! Go make it harder to believe if something really did happen.

    She looks way older.

    The tall chocolate fellow is nice! Would jump all over that Adidas sweatsuit. Lol.

  4. She apparently wanted to stay here and didn’t want to go back to Honduras. Not a very bright girl. Did she just think her mother would say, “Oh well, my daughter’s gone. Let me hop on a plane”

    Afro-Latinos are not claiming her, just so you know.

    1. ^apparently,
      and allegedly,
      she said she pulled the stunt because her mother was overprotective.

      well there must have been another way to get her to back off than this!!!!

      1. A young girl saying her mother is overprotective 9 times out of 10 means her mother won’t let her date a bummy boy who wants to trap her with a baby then abandon her.

  5. Now Jamari…. that first pic….😂

    Idk if it was you or another blogger but somebody posted about a little girl lying about getting beat or whatever it was about with some white kids.

    What’s up with the kids lying like that? Why children gotta lie and stage stuff for attention? That’s sad

    1. ^it was me and the girl with the dreads.
      she was never seen again.
      karol better move from ny because they are gonna torture her until further notice.

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