ding dong, tang is gone?

i went out after work to celebrate a friend’s birthday tonight.
in the middle of being out on a school night,
i heard a whole gasp at the table.
it was a busy day for me and i barely had time to check my phone.
my boss made sure to keep me annoyed and busy.
when i asked what was going on…


abuse of power” is the charges brought against him.
we have all been waiting for this day,
but we didn’t think it would happen to-day.
i wanted to do a cartwheel in that establishment’s hallway until:

1) mike pence will be stepping up to bat?

2) i was sent this lovely chart for review.

hope was up to get let down?
i wanted to see him get escorted out the white house in handcuffs.
tomatoes and banana peels being thrown at him would have been great.
even being stripped naked,
while a septa with a bell yelling “shame” walked behind him.

low-key: i love how he jumped on twitter to vent…

this is all so weird.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “ding dong, tang is gone?”

  1. Yep and I’m confused on if he gets to run for re-election but I do know, unless the senate is on the same page he won’t get put out of office if they vote against it. So pretty much its a waiting game… again

  2. I honestly never got my hopes up. He has been impeached however, he now has to be tried by a Republican-majority Senate which means they will NOT convict and he will NOT be removed from office. Turtle faced-ass Mitch McConnell is the senate majority leader and will make sure Trump is acquitted. This may really backfire on the Dems

  3. The republican-controlled senate will likely acquit Trump but he will forever be tarred with the ‘impeached” label. I’m cool with that, now I need the Dems to redirect the narrative on kitchen table issues.

  4. Hell awaits this evil ugly fat ass orange coon he cant speak a proper speech for the life of me he lie like rug and wobble when he walks a true lard ass

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