ding dong, tang is gone?

i went out after work to celebrate a friend’s birthday tonight.
in the middle of being out on a school night,
i heard a whole gasp at the table.
it was a busy day for me and i barely had time to check my phone.
my boss made sure to keep me annoyed and busy.
when i asked what was going on…

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i don’t know if i want trump to be impeached

i’m really not.
so nancy pelosi has ordered an impeachment for trump.

soon after,
#impeachthemf went trending.
don’t get me wrong,
there is a side of me that is tickled pink.
i plan on attending every “ding dong, trump is gone!” party i get an invite too.
i’ll even break my celibacy and throw these legs high in the sky.
once i come to from my drunken celebration,
and tell that wolf to get out my hotel room,
life does have to go on.
a new president has to run the country and that means…

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