i don’t know if i want trump to be impeached

i’m really not.
so nancy pelosi has ordered an impeachment for trump.

soon after,
#impeachthemf went trending.
don’t get me wrong,
there is a side of me that is tickled pink.
i plan on attending every “ding dong, trump is gone!” party i get an invite too.
i’ll even break my celibacy and throw these legs high in the sky.
once i come to from my drunken celebration,
and tell that wolf to get out my hotel room,
life does have to go on.
a new president has to run the country and that means…

mike pence will be that.

He comes off than a bigger demon than Trump

are we sure we really want trump out?
pence is no better and seems worst.
i’m afraid of what will happen during that ruler-ship.

Author: jamari fox

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16 thoughts on “i don’t know if i want trump to be impeached”

  1. Yes we do!! Impeachment will take forever and Trump will probably be voted out before the end of the inquiry ever comes. I feel that this is too little too late!!

  2. Eff him, I want them to effing impeach his conman Azz, run him out of town right into Rikers.. Maybe he’ll do us all a favour and jump off a cliff. I’m afraid if he remains in office, it can’t get any worse.
    I have been to 8 countries in Africa, Europe,North America in the last 2 years, since he’s been elected, everywhere I go once people find out I live in the US. they have the most nasty, disrespectful things to say about him. They despise him.. It’s embarrassing to say the least.I wish him gone for good..

  3. Just to clear things up…

    It’s an impeachment inquiry. This just means they have to do an investigation into it. If they find anything they can impeach but that doesnt mean he’s leaving office.

    He would still have to be convicted and Republican majority is VERY unlikely to convict him. He’s very much likely going to remain in office regardless of the outcome.

    My bigger worry is that this to me is hinting strongly that they are going to our Biden up as the Democrat nominee.

    Lorddddddd, I will take crazy peace lady over Biden. He’s just honestly more of the same and the same level of non-progress is going to happen under his governance. He’s just not right for the job.

    But his ties to Obama will come across as he’s the obligated choice which is the same reason Hillary was chosen last time even though Bernie was the one people were into.

    but w/e. it’s a mess but i’m just letting it go.




    Please dear friends ,,Get this Corrupt. Racist- Rapist- Muslim Banning – Trans gender Banning .. ( Must I go on ) ?????

    Who cares what’s next!!!!!!- Have you forgotten or accepted all the bad things this man has done . Not to mention His disdain for Obama , Hilary or any of the other Americans who he doesn’t respect or like!!!

    Rules and Laws are for everyone not just Rich White Men. Trump must go I will take Pence. Kamala, Biden Etc… We can’t allow such evil to represent us

  5. Well in all honesty this could be a repeat of when they tried to impeach Clinton in the 90’s and it went in his favor. Pelosi knew this that’s why in all honesty she did not push it. We are never remember the mistakes of the past so we are doomed to repeat it. πŸ˜”

  6. Trump should have been impeached based on the Mueller Report’s Parts 1 & 2, which showed extensive contact with Russian officials and friends of Putin, as well as overt obstruction of justice.

    But he’s also violated campaign finance laws (Michael Cohen’s in jail for this); repeatedly engaged in obstruction of justice with Congress; violated the Emoluments Clause of the US Constitution; engaged in alleged inauguration finance violations; and so on. Also, members of his administration have engaged in repeated violations of the Hatch Act, and Michael Flynn also probably violated the Logan Act, which Giuliani also probably just violated.

    He regularly lies to the American people; he also has probably lied to Congress and the US’s allies; and he cannot be trusted not to share sensitive intelligence. He is destroying the US government, Constitution and globe with each passing day.

    This new Ukraine mess is par for the course. On top of this, we have no idea what other crimes this man, his family and his administration have engaged in, but it’s probably fair to say that if you totalled up all the corruption of every US president combined before Trump, he’s beaten them by millions of miles.

    Pence is horrible too, and we don’t know yet if he’s somehow caught up in this, but really, just based on Trump’s documented financial fraud and tax evasion (the New York Times published a long expose about it), the man should be behind bars for the rest of his life. Black folks get jailed, killed even, far far less (loosie cigarettes, remember).

  7. They met Pence in Ireland with gay pride flags. Pence supports conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is mental abuse, brainwashing and torture to ‘force” gay people to become straight. He’s a sick man that many say is in the closet. Closet homophobes are the worst as recent events have shown.

  8. Many days, I have wondered how does this man keep getting away with so much evil and nothing ever happens to him and then I have to remember, none of us get away with evil, it will eventually catch up with you every time. I don’t even stress myself out no more worrying about this Demon because the Universe is coming back to collect ten-fold on all the Bad Karma him and his family have done to so many. You heard it here first, he will not even be able to run in 2020 and it will not be because of impeachment but rather his Frontotemporal Dementia- (frontotemporal lobar degeneration is an umbrella term for a diverse group of uncommon disorders that primarily affect the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain β€” the areas generally associated with personality, behavior and language.) He is declining everyday and it is getting worse by the day. He is so drugged up now, dont be surprised if he just falls out on live TV. He is obese and consist on a diet of fast food and diet coke. He is already having trouble walking, pronouncing words and remembering simple details. He also has to wear a diaper. His cognitive decline is very noticeable and I doubt he makes it to Christmas. The stress of these investigations and his already declining health is going to do him in faster than any impeachment. Its Dark right now in our country thanks to this evil man, but Joy will come in the morning.

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