kill the phatrabbitkiller?

so i posted about ^him on ( x the ig foxhole ) today.
i was on my tumblr and stumbled upon his pics.
no sooner than i did,
the foxhole clued me in on a potential scandal he’s in.
so everyone meet dee.
he’s in the freak twitter forest and also has an “onlyfans“.
he dropped a bombshell about an “onlyfans” wolf he did a flick with…

he’s the social porn wolf that he’s addressing in his tweets.
( x see his twitter here )
dee went on to tweet that phatrabbitkiller is an alleged serial rapist:

dee compares what happened to the “me too” movement:

i feel like i’ve heard something about phatrabbitkiller before,
but it wasn’t confirmed.
i have a question tho:

Do these folks sign any kind of contracts before they engage in these videos?

…or am i being too smart?
if he heard he was a “serial rapist”,
why did he record with him?

if someone has alleged rumors of being an alleged rapist,
i’m not going to be on the same block as them,
let alone a room.

these are some serious allegations dee is presenting tho.
ones that could lead to court,
or if it goes far enough,
even jail.
phatrabbitkiller needs to address these allegations,
i think he should post whatever he needs to help clear his name.
in this era we’re in right now,

you don’t ever want something like this to become a forest fire.
he can and will get cancelled with the quickness.

26 thoughts on “kill the phatrabbitkiller?

  1. IDK why these porn performers don’t do some type of paperwork before even ever meeting up. It’d save them a lot of time, humiliation, & headaches.
    It just sounds like these “accusers” get mad after things don’t go their way & try to paint any narrative that makes the other party look bad.
    If it was actual sexual assault, then why haven’t I heard of any of these accusers filing criminal charges?
    I’m not trying to defend anyone, but there’s certain things these accusers need to do if they want to add more validity to their claims.

  2. Arms have to be broken with all this reaching going on lol.

    You got finessed, NOT assaulted.

    Dudes really are in their feelings about these 7 minute videos because that’s their only source of income lol.

    The sad part is the same ones agreeing with him are the ones thinking dudes out here passing around HIV should not be charged with a crime because HIV is “manageable” now.

  3. First off, how is this rape? Dee agreed to have sex with him, camera on or not, and out of his own mouth from the 1st tweet on this topic, he said it was CONSENSUAL so that alone does NOT merit this as rape. Phatrabbitkiller could easily say he turned the phone/camera off by accident but even then, I don’t see how this could be called “rape”. If this is rape, please educate me. Now I’m not a fan of PhatRabbitKiller or JustDee but what I’m an even lesser fan of is lies and slander and PhatRabbit could sue him for slander just for this and unlike Dee, PhatRabbit has evidence with these tweets. And it makes people who have really gone through actual rape looks bad because of frauds like Dee. This is terrible IMO.

    1. “Rape by deception is a situation in which the perpetrator obtains the victim’s agreement to engage in sexual intercourse or other sex acts, but gains it by deception or false statements or actions. Such behaviour is treated as rape.”

      If he agreed to have sex for the sake of a vid, if PRK stopped recording or did not record but continued to have sex he crossed over into deceptive means. It wasn’t a hook up, it was business. If he used the vid as an excuse to have sex with this man it may not be forced but it’s still rape. Opinions on whether or not it’s a “valid” claim don’t matter.

  4. I think he should take off his mask and live his truth. I think it’s sad he has to wear a mask outside of being anonymous. If he is doing it just cause he believes he’s too ugly. I mean, even if he is ugly, he can still monetize himself. The actor Ron Pearlman looks like a prehistoric baboon but he was still pretty popular & loved when he played as Hellboy.

    1. What you think is irrelevant. His body, his choice. Some people want to be out, others don’t. They all got their reasons. You should learn to respect other people’s choices instead of trying to impose yours to them.

  5. I’ve heard of phatrabbitkiller or whatever but I hardly watch any of their stuff. I do remember seeing something a long time ago where there was this light skinned dude who said he paid to have sex with the person but didn’t get the dik down. Instead PRK called it off and the person went to Twitter rambling about if I remember correctly. I can’t remember the guy exactly but he was of a lighter complexion, and had some kind of birthmark on his butt and I think he was from ATL or something.

  6. Awful if the allegations are true. If not, sue the MF for libel because tagging someone with rape allegations is career-destroying. BTW, Phatrabbitkiller filmed a HOT verse scene with Harlem Jock. They were not just f*cking but making love, and clearly both seemed to be into it. Phatrabbitkiller got his back blown out several times too.

    1. Wait–my bad–the dude up top, Jus Dee, is the one who was in the verse scene with Harlem Jock, NOT Phatrabbitkiller. Anyways, like I said, if the allegations are true, it’s awful. If not, not good at all to make them.

      1. Yeah because Phatrabbit whole mystique is dickin dudes down why not showing his face. All we know is he has dreads.

        1. I’ve seen his face. Dude is ugly and dusty as hell, so that’s the reason why you don’t see his face.

  7. Basically-to clarify a bit. He’s saying they agreed to have sex solely for the purpose of recording it. They agreed to record which would hypothetically result in compensation. I’m guessing he wasn’t interested in just having sex with phatrabbit. So in his theory-the second he stopped recording-it became assault because he only agreed to sex if it was on camera. I’m guessing phatrabbit agrees to have sex with folks for their only fans accounts but gives up recording midway through and just becomes sex. In Dees mind -if that was not agreed upon-it’s assault.

    1. Someone gets it. The notion of consent if the key. If he agree to have sex under certain conditions and the other one didn’t respect those conditions it’s sexual assault.

  8. Say what’s now?? First off you agreed to SEX with the clown, his dick don’t get hard unless he has taken a blue pill (HINT) SO WHAT YOU UPSET FOR?? If he record with his phone that his footage he does not have to share that with you. This GIRL upset because he fucked her and did not send the footage to her. Well bitch that what happens when you do amateur porn without contracts and securing the bag. Get over it and we will be looking for the next porn to drop on Twitter! Thanks and Bye signed the PORB COMMITTEE!

  9. It is crazy when I saw him on your IG page for some reason I thought about Phatrabbit and come here and see this.

    1. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds Dee’s page extremely boring. He doesn’t have much life to him. And how do you do a flip flop scene and both dudes don’t suck each other’s dicks? How sway?! I unsubscribed real quick.

  10. Eh…doesn’t sound to me like there isn’t any contract at all. It seems very much like hey hit up my DMs let’s discuss and figure out payments and what you want and then proceed.

    This guy does sound bitter though because his message is conflicting. Are you saying homeboy raped you or did he do something that you feel would be associated with rape? It doesn’t sound like you were even sexually assaulted, actually you don’t even make sense with all of these mixed signals you are sending.

    “When you don’t record, stop recording and steal footage that’s sexual assault!” Huh??? What planet are you living on? How is that sexual assault if somebody stops recording or they don’t record? Like what are you saying? He sounds like an idiot!

    The only thing I heard about Phatrabbit is that if he’s not in the mood to record he’s not gonna doing it and you can’t make him…so how is all that sexual assault? Stop trying to ruin the man’s name cuz you bitter bruh.

    1. Well it’s all about consent. If consent was given with the condition that you record the act if you stop recording and don’t notify the other person your violating his/her consent so yes it’s sexual assault. I remember a woman in Germany I think who sued a man because they’re having safe sex but the condom broke and the guy kept fucking without telling her. She sued for sexual assault or rape and she won

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