lil nas x reveals that he’s dating, somewhat

lil nas x has everyone under his spell.
i’m not mad at him.
he’s making moves most could have done/do.
i admire how he handles his social media presence too.
it’s chocked full of personality goodness.
you get a sense that’s “him“,
ya know?
well everyone wants to know who he’s dating.
with this new found fame also brings new found meat too.
you’re in the right circles to date whoever you please.
he “somewhat” addressed it on “ellen” today…

start at 4:00

he said “somewhat“.
as much as everyone is expecting a white male:

…because most celeb gays have gone in that direction,
i actually feel like it’s someone within the industry.
lil nas x seems like he is really lowkey tho.
i think whoever he’s “somewhat” dating won’t be revealed anytime soon.
it would be smarter to keep them private.
the mistakes of others is a great learning lesson.

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Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “lil nas x reveals that he’s dating, somewhat”

  1. I can’t help but feel like he’s going to end up with a white dude. That’s pretty much become the norm for every gay black celebrity, especially with his newfound fame. I’m sure he’s surrounded by nothing but white gays now

  2. If it’s a gay white guy in his age range I’m cool with it; just lord don’t let it be one of those older white creeps clearly taking advantage of another younger gay black man who needs shelter from his own community that rejected him.

    I don’t see him dating a black man for awhile but I may be wrong. I think the way the black community deals with homosexuality will forever push away gay black men who don’t have to be associated with them. When a gay black man gets a come up and succeeds, he just sees the world differently. Why would he want to be with someone who is dealing with the same rejection and hatred from the same community when he can be with people who will give him acceptance and what looks like freedom?

  3. If he wants happiness he will keep him a secret until they have some years under them. Just like Jeezy and your girl did.

  4. I truly hope that when he does come out with his partner that it is a black guy. We literally have NO examples of black gay male love in entertainment, sports, or media. From Rupaul to Billy Porter, to Don Lemon. They all are with pasty, pale white men. Its too common to be coincidence. It’s intentional. It’s almost like they feel being with a white man makes them palatable to the mainstream. Ironically, these are the gays who preach about representation in every interview. Its sad and pathetic.

  5. I too wish that its a someone Black .

    For some reason I think lil Nas X is going to connect with someone Black.

    True , its very prevalent to date white and he is surrounded by many, however something in his delivery displays a realness( Blackness ) ha ha ha ha ..

    I mean what is in the F@xking water with these brothers.????( who refuse to date Black)

    Do they no longer find us attractive ???? How do they see themselves??? Do they pay attention to Black lives Matter, Racial injustice, the physical beauty of black men, the soulful spiritual deep intelligence of Black on Black conversations???? Sorry guys.. I’m just CRAZY IN LOVE WITH BLACK MEN and I cant imagine someone NOT being in love with us!!!

  6. Sorry to be the Debbie Downer, but why is everyone concerned about what race his boyfriend will be? My main concern is will his 15 minutes last long enough for us to even find out…???

    Tbh, I don’t see him with another black guy (CERTAINLY not one as dark as him). He’ll more than likely get a non-black, racially ambiguous Latino, lol…so don’t y’all get your hopes up.

    1. 15 minutes? People need to stop trying to play this dude and act like he’s a one hit wonder and not a talented artist, especially seeing as his new single “Panini” has risen over 50 spots to #1 on the US youtube song charts (+655% to 19.7 million streams in the week ending September 12. It dethrones “Old Town Road” after 23 weeks at #1, becoming the first song to do so

        1. Lol I wouldn’t waste my time arguing if someone thinks a song with the lyrics “Hey Panini, don’t you be a meanie” is talent.

  7. I need to start popping back on here frequently or I’m gonna miss all the good posts. I’m glad he’s keeping it quiet. It’s hard to tell with him but I, like so many others on here called his success. They thought he was gonna be a one hit wonder and die out. I like him. I’m not attracted to him or his style of music really but I like his personality. He doesn’t seem arrogant either unlike other musicians (who I shall not name…🙄) who get praised but are terrible humans.

    He’s still quite young but y’all know how some of them white gays work. As soon as they see a black you in, they come running up. He better watch out for blacks or any other race that can be sneaky too looking to piggy back off him and his fame. Gold diggers come in all forms.

    If he smart, he will go the same route as Rhianna.

  8. I wish the best for him. Honestly. He seems like a grounded nice guy.

    Who also holds the record for the LONGEST charting #1 single! One hit wonder or not, he will go down in the musical history books.

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