sampson mccormick lets milan christopher have it

what has milan christopher been up to these days?
i thought it was acting,
or sex toys,
but he allegedly thinks he is too “good” for certain things.
 sampson mccormick,
who is pictured on the left in that edit above,
had some choice font for milan’s antics.
this is what he posted on his twitter

after the story blew up,
he did a official statement on his facebook:

“…even when people were being shady to him for making homemade porn on that twin bed with that fitted sheet that kept popping off interrupting him while he was trying to work.”

now that milan isn’t on “love and hiphop“,
i’m surprised he isn’t doing anything to keep his name out there.
i wonder what the project he was being offered was?
i mean…
it couldn’t have been any worse than “about him: africa“.

lowkey: i wonder how milan’s alleged relative,
berry gordy,
feels about him?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “sampson mccormick lets milan christopher have it”

  1. His reads don’t paint him in the best light either🤷🏾‍♂️

    I don’t even like Milan, but obviously this Sampson dude is messy as well.

    ”Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to
    tell the difference.”

    1. It was ALL kinds of raggedy. They even fonted fake African accents, though they missed the memo Black Panther got, which was practice those accents with pros first.

      Sampson took a step in the gutter and went in let have but Milan, sexy as he can be at times, seems to like to hang out there. Not a good look, chica!

  2. Milan is clearly standing in his own way and thereby holding myself back. No one can make it through life alone. If he feels no one wants to hire him then he needs to drop the facade, get some Winded, clean the mirror, face himself with safeguards, and open himself to letting others be there for him. He needs to stop telling people how to be there for him and be open to what they have to say and suggest. He just needs to be respectful and receptive.

  3. But why is Sampson trying to be the moderator of the universe? Giving life lessons and shit boy shut up! If your team reaches out to someone for a project, the person has the right to decline or accept; that’s their person decision. They are not obligated to work with you simply because you think it’ll be a great opportunity. What seems like a great opportunity to YOU may seem unfit for THEM. You can hire somebody else and let them look back on passing on a great opportunity…or not. But who died and made you the hand of God? Acting like you giving out blessings to the needy? Boy sit your ass down! Nice booty of Sampson though I’d destroy that but I’d cover his face! Sorry…

  4. All I know is Sampson is a solid individual and is not known for bashing our people in community on this level. He is always the first one to encourage anyone in the industry to reach their highest goal! I’ve known him for over 8 years now and I can speak from experience and have seen him in action. When it comes to Milan. God bless him. 👀

  5. I hate to say this but seeing these queens go at each other is like confirmation bias to Black Gay men who have some trepidation about working with (or trusting) other Black Gay men.

    Most of the Black Gay bruthas I’ve allowed into my space has somehow inevitably hurt /betrayed /disappointed me in some form or manner. I’ve forgiven them all but I can no longer trust them. And it’s hard to trust people who remind me of them. Namely, BLACK MALES 🙁

  6. About Him: Africa…like…like the whole continent???

    Also, how can Sampson start this fire & then come out and say he distances himself from drama?? 🤔

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