rodney h glover brought the “h.o.e.” outta me

as much as i love nice pecs,
i’ve found love in muscular thighs.
i don’t know where or how the obsession started,
but i’m going with it.
so check it foxhole…
i was down the rabbit hole on “youtube” over the weekend.
i ended up on a show called “h.o.e.” by “aconnectiontv“.
look at this:

those thighs belonged to a wolf named “hawk“…

…and i’d like more please.
hawk” is played by ronald h glover.


from a brief clip from his ig,
he resides in atl,
but is originally from ohio:

from sniffin’ around the net:

mid to late 20s
“a mid sized snack”

i’m down to watch him in his next production:

i’d love to star in that one actually.
i kid.


videos and pics cc: rodney h glover

see more of “h.o.e”: aconnectiontv

5 thoughts on “rodney h glover brought the “h.o.e.” outta me

  1. WTF
    The acting in this seems pretty horrible. I’ll give credit H Glover is definitely some eye candy and to be honest a lot of these web series do have interesting concepts and provide an excellent opportunity for Black creatives; I just think the execution is lacking. You should definitely start out on something like YouTube and build up your fanbase and then switch over to a paid platform. I think it definitely worked out for the “Triangle” web series then they switched over to Brtb Tv but you can still catch their content on YouTube.

    1. The only web serious I thoroughly enjoyed that wasn’t all about sex is Love at First Night.

  2. Issa snack. Adapting Todrick Hall’s new gay anthem, Hawk a/k/a Ronald H. Glover is “Face, Eyes, Bawwwdy, Thighs”!

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