another lyon brother from “empire” gets arrested

this is how i remembered hakeem on “empire“.
these days tho?
so is there a curse on the set of “empire”?
first jussie and now it’s bryshere gray aka yazz the greatest.
he was arrested today for driving without the right tags on his car.
not only that,
he behind the wheel without a license or insurance.
this is all on a 2014 rolls royce.
the mugshot tho…


on the positive

He has really nice skin

the hair situation tho…
is this for a movie?
if this is his “off” look…

lowkey: i saw this at the end of the tmz article…

“Empire” is now in its last season. Fox has canceled the run after that, and cocreator Lee Daniels blames it on Jussie.”

how about the awful writing?
let’s not put this whole thing on jussie now.

article cc: tmz

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “another lyon brother from “empire” gets arrested

  1. Bryshere is probably trying to secure a name for himself outside of Empire. If nothing else, he can count on being a “bad boy” to secure people talking about him..

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