hakeem lyon aka bryshere gray is drip droppin’ the career down the toilet

when “empire” first started…

first off,
the turn of terror that “empire” even took is baffling…

… but you couldn’t tell the vixens that hakeem lyon wasn’t sexy.
he was even a snack in bet’s “new edition story“.
i thought bryshere gray was headed to a successful acting career,
but he has been getting into a lot of random dumb shit.
he was arrested for alleged domestic violence issues

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another lyon brother from “empire” gets arrested

this is how i remembered hakeem on “empire“.
these days tho?
so is there a curse on the set of “empire”?
first jussie and now it’s bryshere gray aka yazz the greatest.
he was arrested today for driving without the right tags on his car.
not only that,
he behind the wheel without a license or insurance.
this is all on a 2014 rolls royce.
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Hakeem From Empire Changes His Wig

i like hakeem with a ceasar a la “the new edition story”.
so hakeem,
aka bryshere gray of “empire” fame,
did spike tv’s “lip sync battle”.
not only did he change his wig,
but he put on lipstick as well for his version of a taylor swift song
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