Hakeem From Empire Changes His Wig

i like hakeem with a ceasar a la “the new edition story”.
so hakeem,
aka bryshere gray of “empire” fame,
did spike tv’s “lip sync battle”.
not only did he change his wig,
but he put on lipstick as well for his version of a taylor swift song


he got into that one,
didn’t he?
that was cute.
he would make an ugly ass vixen too.
he legit looks like:

i mean…
am i lying?
you can catch hakeem on lipstick lip sync battle”,
at 9pm.

lowkey: i love that song.
don’t judge me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Hakeem From Empire Changes His Wig”

  1. LMAO yaaaaaas Bryshere Grey! OMG yaaaas Jamari Fox, Hakeem looks just like Francine! KMSL *dead*

  2. LMAO this was hilarious! You know the hoteps are gonna get him for this one

    He’s an actor anyway so playing different roles is something he’s used to (or gonna get used to at least)

    1. And a blonde haired ugly ass tranny who looks like Francine from Arthur is one of those roles. LOL

  3. Hakeem has officially replaced Bow Wow as Lil Mama’s twin. I thought that was her at first glance! lol

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