Kevin Hart and His “Look At Me!” Sex Tape

there are a couple characters to look out in the forests today.
there are the hotep/hotepresses hyenas.
those kind folks are all about black power and rights,
but they contradict their beliefs sooner or later.
there are the “pick me!” hyenas.
they constantly remind you how single and loveless they are.
big time hoes who use “that” as their pick up line.
last there is the these hyenas:

we will call them the “look at me!”.
they are similar to their “pick me” predecessors.
the ones who broadcast their “ribs” on social media,
throw daggers at the exes they cheated on,
but only to be caught up digging in someone(s) hole.
that might be kevin hart and his alleged sex tape that leaked today!
this is what was shown

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Hakeem From Empire Changes His Wig

i like hakeem with a ceasar a la “the new edition story”.
so hakeem,
aka bryshere gray of “empire” fame,
did spike tv’s “lip sync battle”.
not only did he change his wig,
but he put on lipstick as well for his version of a taylor swift song
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WOLF MEAT: (440)

12736983_apple-listens-brings-back-the-butt-like_99dee558_mimagine this…
you’re in the gym.
pick some random day.
you happen to be in the locker room.
you decided to do a strip tease for the gram.
you know,
cause that’s normal.

well this happens via tae da tea…
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Shaq Catches The “Fade”

shaquille-o-neal-headshotone thing i love about shaq is his sense of humor.
he is literally a lovable giant.
well shaq decided to re-create the dance moves of teyana taylor in “fade”.
here is the video via a f-bi
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Taylor Swift Is, Like, The Best Rapper Ever (Woo!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 10.01.23 AMi love when taylor swift starts rapping along to songs.
she did it with kendrick and now drake gets a spin.
well check her rapping skills to “jump man” for apple music…
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The Diva-est of Them All.


so everyone knows what a “diva” looks like.
the entertainment industry has many “divas”.
some are impossible to work with,
while others are nice,
but just don’t take no one’s shit.
i was watching “got 2b real” today at work.
i was feeling down and i needed a good laugh.
well i was led to this compilation video of whitney houston and well…
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