Kevin Hart and His “Look At Me!” Sex Tape

there are a couple characters to look out in the forests today.
there are the hotep/hotepresses hyenas.
those kind folks are all about black power and rights,
but they contradict their beliefs sooner or later.
there are the “pick me!” hyenas.
they constantly remind you how single and loveless they are.
big time hoes who use “that” as their pick up line.
last there is the these hyenas:

we will call them the “look at me!”.
they are similar to their “pick me” predecessors.
the ones who broadcast their “ribs” on social media,
throw daggers at the exes they cheated on,
but only to be caught up digging in someone(s) hole.
that might be kevin hart and his alleged sex tape that leaked today!
this is what was shown

poor “ebola”.
when they say karma comes back ten times worse,
they weren’t kidding.
he allegedly was celebrating “enema”‘s birthday
by giving his pipe to someone else(s).
it was a threesome in that video.
even though she is in it for the money,
i know she is embarrassed.
i would be.
i’m supposed to be the one who fought hard for that dick.
i flexed a ring and threw shade at the ex.
now i’m the one looking at my hyena allegedly fucking someone else!
while pregnant!
oh hell.
on to important things tho.
can we talk about kevin hart…



from the sounds of it,
he was beatin’ that pussy UP.
that bed was being worn OUT.
i need some dick like that.
the bed head couldn’t take anymore abuse.
he can’t even deny that it ain’t him.
you see how comfortable he was after wearing her out?
all on facetime and shit.
i’m sure his career will be fine tho.
i’m sure his marriage to “esurance” will be fine too.
he’ll learn to shut the fuck up from now on.
he could serve as a lesson to everyone else.

lowkey: i know torrei might be singing this…

revenge could never bring the joy a universe karmic retribution can.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Kevin Hart and His “Look At Me!” Sex Tape”

  1. “Eskimo” is not going anywhere right now.He will probably buy her a $5M ring (like Kobe bought Vanessa) and maybe do a post nup where she will get more money when they eventually divorce.”Encino” will probably get pregnant again before they split.She will want to match Torrie, in terms of kids.

  2. I appreciate his honesty…but…what I take away from this is he would rather protect his money than protect his wife from the hurt of knowing he cheated. he said it himself..he only came clean because hedidnt want to pay up. he’s not sorry he cheated…hes sorry he got caught

  3. So, I was just watching Entertainment Tonight, and they were talking about Kevin Hart. Why is the light skinned British boxer turned porn star, Quinton Hillox AKA Stallion, a driver for Kevin!?!?! Things that make you go 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. I have to be honest. I was rooting for Kevin (still am) but do not find him funny at all. He became Mr. Box Office and that is to be applauded.

    However, his wife just rubbed me the wrong way. I wish no harm on her during her pregnancy. She was obviously the side-chick that replaced the wife.

    I know Kev’s wife is having the best week ever.

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