Victor Cruz Is Still The Sexiest Unemployed Baller Wolf I Know

i was so happy when i heard that victor cruz was signed to a new team.
even tho new yawk didn’t want him anymore,
i figured he would do well on the chicago bears.
well he got dropped.
according to them…

he didn’t “show up and show out” like he did when he was on the giants.
he had issues with his knee as well.
i think he might have been over it.
he got his championship ring so…
well it might just be over for victor in the nfl,
but i see more opportunities in his future.
he could probably start acting or doing bts work.
something to do with clothing.
i mean he still looks good af

he always has great style.
even being unemployed,
he showed up to rihanna’s diamond ball looking clean:


my foxhole would still let him salsa up and down inside it.

lowkey: never thought i’d see the day fab would be looking like a snack…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Is Still The Sexiest Unemployed Baller Wolf I Know”

  1. I’m sure he will keep doing his thing in fashion and I wonder if he will do Dancing With The Stars, but he’s not on any team right now.

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