jussie smollett is as unemployed as i am.

i guess jussie smollett and i will be getting our resumes together.
empire” is going to return for a season 6,
but unfortunately,
he won’t be.
tmz” had to font this…
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Victor Cruz Is Still The Sexiest Unemployed Baller Wolf I Know

i was so happy when i heard that victor cruz was signed to a new team.
even tho new yawk didn’t want him anymore,
i figured he would do well on the chicago bears.
well he got dropped.
according to them…
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Another Round of “Unemployed” Again

today started off like any other day.
i woke up early,
got in on time,
and went straight to my desk.
i started finishing up on some work when i got an alert.
the alert was that i had to meet with the hr manager at around 2.
i had a meeting that i also had to attend at like 12pm.
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Unemployed AF



that was my ex co worker’s status message.
that use to be me especially after a 4 day weekend.
going back to that place was torture.
there would be nonsense already waiting patiently in my inbox.
is it wrong that i felt a moment of happiness?
i was just telling someone…
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The Fasting and the Furious

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 11.36.31 AM

be thankful for what you got.
there are people out here who are strugggggggling.
furious about being unemployed and looking for a job to help make ends meet.
well i’m thankful for the lady in the ^picture.
everyone meet alison doyle
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I Wish Chad Johnson Could Make Vine Clips In Jail Right Now

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.19.28 PMdamn.
his pecs look kinda poppin’ in this pic.
you are probably wondering why you haven’t seen chad tweetin’.
well look no further because he has been arrested

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