Another Round of “Unemployed” Again

today started off like any other day.
i woke up early,
got in on time,
and went straight to my desk.
i started finishing up on some work when i got an alert.
the alert was that i had to meet with the hr manager at around 2.
i had a meeting that i also had to attend at like 12pm.

i got laid off today.


they offered me a severance.
my health insurance will be on for the rest of the month.
other than that,
i gave back my laptop and work supplies.
i left at 245pm.

i felt numb when i was getting the news.
i feel depressed now.
i’ve been in bed laying in the dark since i got in.
all i been asking God is:

“Why would you put me into a position to have it taken away after a month?”

i’m confused.
the ceo wolf sent me an email at 4pm.
he told me he was sorry it didn’t work,
but i can use him as a reference for life.
he was ooo.
i thought that was the nice part.
other ceo wolves wouldn’t have sent me anything or i’d have to reach out.
so jamari fox is unemployed once again.

What’s next?

i don’t even know.

lowkey: i don’t even know what to do anymore.
i don’t even know what to say.
i’m just…

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59 thoughts on “Another Round of “Unemployed” Again”

  1. Well damn, this was unexpected news. Jamari, I am sorry this happened. I remember how high your hopes were with not only getting this job, but being in a better working environment too. This is an obstacle that you will be able to get over, do not hang your head over it.

      1. I am sorry to hear what happened to you. I thought good things were ahead for you in this new company, but don’t you dare blame YOURSELF! This wasn’t you…it was the insecure asshole “crew” that banded together to make you look bad. You were targeted the moment the CEO brought you in. YOU were favored, and they were not.

        Jealousy/insecurity is a mofo in the workplace, man. People will set you up to fail and make themselves look good. I’m sure many of us in the group have had to deal with people like that…but I’m not one to hold my tongue. Fuck with my character, you won’t get another chance. I guess that’s why I’ve been overlooked for promotion so often. LOL

        You will get past this and you will be put in a job that you love and allows to showcase your abilities.

        Add this position to your resume, get GQ, and go out there! You got this man!

  2. Buddy, I’m so sorry to hear this. Jamari please don’t give up, you handled being unemployed before you will get through this one. Maybe it’s time for a fresh start, maybe it’s time to move from New York, and settle outside of Atlanta, or even Texas. I think the job markets are good there. Buddy just hang in there, I hate this is happening to you, but I guarantee there will be a positive outcome through this all. Much love to you, you will be in my prayers.

  3. So sorry for that. God never give us something we can’t handle. You will land safe. I don’t know you but i honestly feel like i do and know you’ll be ok and i’ll pray for that. So for now rest and recover. You will fight another day. Much love <3

  4. Sorry that one didn’t work. I believe you will land something and you will be just fine. Are you eligible for rehire if another opening occurs? If nor ask why?

  5. Jamari, 2017 is still your year! This set back is just a step up to your promised greatness. There has to be a silver lining in this dark cloud, and when you find it, you’ll be all the better for it.

  6. J, somehow I know you’ll be just fine. Even through the site, you exude this energy that’s positive and peaceful and genuine. Ppl like that never stay down. I believe in the power of affirmation and I believe I can speak for the rest of the foxhole in speaking success and fulfillment over you. This is but a speed bump. Trust me, it’ll get greater later.

  7. God does not bring you this far to leave you, maybe this job was not right for you in time you will see that this was your blessing, cry pray fast and let god be god ,do what you have to do to not let disappointment sink in so you don’t miss the blessing of god, peace love and light

  8. Sorry to hear that! Maybe it’s a sign to take you blog to the next level(I love it as is), venture out to new things or that you should work for yourself. From this blog you seem very talented. The sky is the limit for you

  9. Every setback is another opportunity for a greater comeback. Don’t worry, you will come back greater, better, and more skilled than before. DO NOT let this get you down. We are here pulling, praying, and pushing for your success.

  10. Oh wow babes. I am so sorry to hear this. Maybe this is time for you to go into business for yourself. Something creative. Something only you can do . I know things will workout for you . HUG

  11. I just thought of you yesterday and hoped that all was well. Even though you’ve received bad news, all is still well. It doesn’t feel like it, but it could be worse man. Stay up.

    If you need us, we are here dude.

  12. This not the end. Your next move is already being plotted for you! I lost my job 2 years ago. After running out of funds, worked a job I didn’t like for 2 months before moving to something bigger and better! This is not the end of your chapter. You will make it thru this! Rooting for you!

  13. This is the end of the beginning! I know it can be a struggle to be positive, and don’t push yourself to. Allow everything you feel to surface and relate to it. There is no correct way to feel, think, respond or react. The shit happened and you get to process. This, in my experience is the best thing emotionally and mentally to do to create the space for you to execute when you turn your focus to finding the next opportunity.

    Identify what you don’t want to experience, do, work with, type of work, type of workplace. Wipe all this off your plate to make room for what you want. Even if you don’t know what that is, purging what you don’t want is the best use of your time When you can say “fuck them” without emotion, because FUCK THEM, you’re ready to move forward seeing only what you want. Compromise, but don’t settle. And don’t be out here skipping meals n shit cause of pride. Let the hole know when to throw you a net! One Love!

  14. Been there. Quite recently actually. I know it sucks and feels like someone punched you in the gut, but you’ll persevere and you’ll get through it. Each step you’re taking is to bigger and better things. Maybe this happened, to make room for something greater. Stay positive, pray, and don’t blame yourself!

  15. I’m so sorry to hear this J, I want to say it’ll get better and keep your head up but I know that no matter how much you hear that it doesn’t change the fact of what happened or your feeling towards it.

    So instead just know you’re are always in my prayers and take as much time as you need to cope. If you have to yell, cry, eat, whatever you wanna do to feel back on track.

  16. J I’m so sorry to hear this. But you have constantly gotten back up after being knocked down. You are an amazing, creative and resourceful being and will get through this like you do everything else. Pick yourself up, dust your shoulders off and try again. You got this.

  17. Damn, it’s cold blooded in the NY! I’m so sorry this happened Jamari. Don’t get down, you will find something, I know you will. We’re all behind you!

  18. Babes I just now got out of work. I’m so sorry to hear that. It strikes me as off that the CEO would hire you if he knew that the dept. you were gonna be working was gonna close down. I would hate to think that someone would be malicious to do that to you, so I won’t. Is there NOTHING he can do besides giving condolonces and a reference? Take a few days off Jamari, you def need some me time. ☹️😔

  19. Man I’m so sorry to hear this….you are in my prayers bro. We all love and care about you. The where their is a will God will make a way. Keep your head up, keep your Faith, and keep your ambitions high. God Bless

  20. Well it could be something that you are suppose to be doing that with that gig you could not do. Maybe this GODS way of forcing you to see what it is that you are suppose to be doing and do it. Besides you seem from What I get from you by how you write things like an independent spirited person. I use to be like that till I got a 9-5. Then all that I was got drained away. I mean I am still employed and the pay is OK, but still man if I had followed my dreams I probable would be in much better place. So focus and find what you suppose to be doing and do it. I also would say keep your head up and all that but homie you ain’t no punk bitch loser you’ll get it on track. The Lord won’t leave you in want.

  21. I’m so sorry to hear you’re unemployed. Now might be the perfect time to start/finish that book! I’ve read all the E Lynn Harris books, and I certainly think you could write one even better, with all your experiences. With so many fans, you have a ready audience.

    Think about it, some of the best works have been created out of adversity. I’m putting my name down for the first copy.

  22. Keep the Faith…Love & Light…the saying – You Know You Are Close To A Breakthrough When Life Gets Its Toughess….Hold On Its Coming…

    Still A FAN

  23. i want to thank each and every one of you for all the love you left.
    it was not only encouraging,
    but inspiring.
    i had to wonder if this job ended so fast because i’m not supposed to be there?
    do i have a great purpose and God already sees it?
    i don’t know.
    i’m gonna take a couple days to mourn this loss and get into my “daily writing groove”.

    thank you for everything.
    we been here before and i’m sure we’ll get through it again.

    1. Actually what I recommand now Jamari is staffing agency that caters to your line of work. There’s freelance and contract jobs where if employer see you as a good fit they will keep you. It popular now

    2. Jamari, check out the upwork website and problogger. As myolox says they are always looking for freelance writers/bloggers. Perhaps you can start your search there?

  24. Damn J. So sorry to hear that. Schedule lunch with CEO wolf immediately to find out what really happened. Dont trust your instincts. You are too inclined to blame yourself and learning from this is important.

  25. OMG Jamari! I’m so sorry boo! *hugs* listen, this isn’t the end. Give yourself time to heal, sort and figure things out; and once you put the jigsaw puzzle together, take a picture of it and use it as a reminder. It’s sounds crazy but life is like a jigsaw puzzle, at first the pieces are a lot, but once you look at each piece in detail, you will see clearly what the big picture will be. Each piece represents a part of your life that you have to put together to create the big picture. I’m sorry if I sound like Iyanla Vanzant.

  26. I think this is a sign you need to branch out on your own. Idk what you do for work but youve been missing the signs before your eyes. God put you in these positions to grow and learn the business. Now apply what youve learned to this blog. Go out monetize this blog and in the meantime use the skills youve learned and go do freelance work. You have a severance and you can get unemployment for 6 months. You can even go to school once your approved for UE and then they will give it to you for a year. AirBnB your apartment. Travel. God is giving you the space you need to grow. So grow!!

  27. I’m really sorry to hear you were let go. You already know how I feel about you. No matter what the situation you’re never afraid to bare your soul with us about everything, both good and bad. I have always admired that about you. During times like this, remain hopeful and determined.. this too shall pass. 😘❤🙏

  28. Are you able to add ads to the site? Google Adsense or something… generally, I avoid them like the plague, but for this site, I’ll actually engage 1 or 2 each time I visit!(video maybe). I suspect others who frequent here will be willing to do the same.

  29. You know i understand i left a position back in August of last year to go into my dream job, a job that offered tuition reimbursement, etc . That job ended two weeks after i buried my grandmother, As a result I’m being evicted, going to stay with my sister for awhile…i feel your pain i feel your struggle, we’re just going thru a rough patch my brother…It WASNT your fault, unfortunately these things happen…We just have to continue being optimistic and positive.Laws of attraction are key here…email me, set up a gofundmepage J and i’ll support as often as i possibly can…Don’t sink into depression or despair…hold on…hmu via email or on my acct on Twitter as we did briefly before if you need to chat…Reach out to a few staffing agencies, stay positive and keep us posted…

  30. Been following you for years, and this hit my like a ton of bricks as if it were my own brother telling me this. Dont lose hope J.

  31. J, it has even taken me a minute to respond to this entry, I was so heartbroken when I first read it the other day, it is funny how when you ride with a person for so long they feel like family even though you never physically met them. I was like damn God, how much does one person have to go through in this life, but it all must be for a reason in the big scheme of things, it is like something keeps pushing you out of your comfort zone to accept a new challenge of this thing called life. You got our support Bro.

    In the meantime, here is a link that you can check out to use your writing talents for to get a little extra income in your pocket until you make your next move:

  32. Jamari, I have been swamped since the New Year and am way behind things outside work, so I am just catching up and seeing this. I am sorry, man, to learn of your lay off. I saw a lot of good advice people offered in the comments. As you have always bared your soul to us, I trust you will not let pride get in the way, should you need to reach out. As I shared with you a few years ago when you were experiencing some difficulty, should you consider relocating out of New York, don’t be shy about letting me know.

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