I Watched “The New Edition Story (Part 1)” and Well…

…wasn’t it amazing?!?
i have no complaints or thoughts.
it was shot right,
gave details on how things went down,
and everyone acted their tails off.
bet really came through with this.
i was shocked to hear the cursing,
but it’s about time we cut the censorship now.
i can’t wait for the second half tomorrow!

Does the foxhole have any thoughts?

lowkey: it was great to see lisa nicole carson!

Author: jamari fox

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15 thoughts on “I Watched “The New Edition Story (Part 1)” and Well…”

  1. The directing in this film was SUPERB, and that’s saying a lot for BET
    It looked like they actually used their entire budget
    Chris Robinson did an awesome job
    He used to direct mad of our faves vids, one in particular, Alicia Keys
    Two thumbs up

    1. ALSO, I wanna fuck the guy who plays Ronnie (I heard he goes out with Normani from 5H)
      ALSO, I wanna fuck real life Ronnie

  2. Great movie!!! All portrayed well. Hell, I think they all goin. Lol Bobby Brown was portrayed to a tee. I thinkBryshere Gray is that new generation bottom! Lol Hell, I think he’s got JAMAL (Jesse Smollet) beat on Empire… Ellijah Kelley…Real choklit

  3. I thought it was a great movie. I know part 2 comes on tonight. I cannot wait. Sidebar though as I am watching this, I am reliving my life over again. I am now 47 years old. Dayum. lol

  4. GREAT!! I saw it today!!! Luke James is EVERYTHANG!!! It got me in the right mood and i needed this because today is my birthday yall, i’m turning 25 (on a 25th, it’s kinda special). I’m about to get LIIIIIIIIIIIIT. Stay blessed.

    1. ps: i know the part 2 is tonight so i’m ready for his voice (he could be murdering me i would be fine as long as he sings) but what about the part 3 (i think they said it’s in 3 movie but i can be wrong). and is it the little black of stranger things singer there?

  5. It was like watching an episode of Unsung. So many artists got screwed by their record labels and management.
    Just a sad scenario all around.
    Who would’ve thought that even though they were touring, going on TV shows, they had NOTHING to show for it. Going back home to the ‘hood whenever they came off the road…not because they WANTED to, but because they HAD to. Family still on welfare, and your child is a big recording artist. CRAZY!!

  6. Lala Anthony played one of the mothers in the biopic and I was gagging! Bryshere was giving me life as Michael. Luke “Wolf” James was channeling Johnny Gill when he sang “Can You Stand The Rain.” I feel that Luke James’ stock will raise after this biopic movie. This movie is by far the best biopic ever! Next up, SWV, Keith Sweat, En Vogue, Luther Vandross, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Gladys and the Pips, Mint Condition, and definitely Prince biopic.

  7. A little late to the party. I just binge watched the New Edition story. All the comments are spot on, particularly the music giving me life and sending me down memory lane. I thought it was interesting that they glossed over the rumors about Johnny Gill while they focused on the promiscuity of the other members. Is it only me, or did the actor playing Bobby Brown didn’t really look attractive until Ronnie’s wedding?

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