I Wish Chad Johnson Could Make Vine Clips In Jail Right Now

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 1.19.28 PMdamn.
his pecs look kinda poppin’ in this pic.
you are probably wondering why you haven’t seen chad tweetin’.
well look no further because he has been arrested

0520-chad-johnson-arrested3-1Chad Johnson was just arrested in Florida — after a Broward County judge determined the ex-NFL star violated his probation stemming from his 2012 domestic violence bust … TMZ has learned.

We broke the story … a warrant had been issued for Johnson’s arrest earlier this month after he failed to report to his probation officer on 2 occasions AND failed to show proof of enrollment in a domestic violence education class.

Johnson’s probation stemmed from his domestic violence conviction involving ex-wife Evelyn Lozada last year.

35-year-old Johnson appeared in a Broward County courtroom over his alleged probation violation — and moments ago, the judge determined Chad WAS in violation and ordered him to be arrested and jailed.

TMZ has obtained Johnson’s booking sheet — he’s listed as 6’4″ 190 pounds.

i know why.
he was too busy playing around on vine:

x see all his activity besides going to court

our poor chad also claims he also has no money to pay his baby momma:

Chad filed new court docs as part of an ongoing battle with one of his baby mamas, Andrea Pearson, asking a judge to lower his $5,420 per month child support payments because he claims can’t afford it.

In the docs, Chad says he agreed to that number back in March 2012, when he was a successful NFL star. He says he now “finds himself without a contract and without a team. Simply [I am] unemployed.”

He also says, at such a late stage in his career, it is CERTAIN he will never make the kind of cash he once did.

The news is a far cry from his money days … in 2012, Chad claimed he raked in $66k per month​. But he got released from the Dolphins in August after his head butting arrest and his endorsement deals dropped like flies.

i was just about to hit chad up for a loan too.
on lighter news,
his kicks always look good!

lowkey: evelyn’s pussy has the mark of the beast in it.
first antoine walker and now chad.

8 thoughts on “I Wish Chad Johnson Could Make Vine Clips In Jail Right Now

  1. Love me some Chocolate Chad! He needs to get it together!! I’ll take him in and take care of him!!!

  2. Sacralization of African-American males, especially entertainers and athletes, has lead to a lack of accountability. Evelyn,RiRi, and every woman of color in situations similar to Chad and Chris Brown, are labeled instigators then demonized by the black community. Defending an adult man who exhibits adolescent emotional behavior through violence, bullying, and dismission reinforces enabling. Let us take the women out of the conversation and focus on the person responsible…..Chad.

  3. And if he felt the need to put his hands on her he should have did exactly what you did and left her alone. I’m sure that wasn’t the first time he wanted to hit her. He chose to keep her around which speaks volumes about his character.

    When you associate with drama you get drama. Evelyn obviously wasn’t the right woman for him yet he married her. His decisions led him to where he is at now. This incident happened almost a year ago and he’s still in the headlines for it. He needs to own his mistakes and move on with his life. Violating probation, posting vine videos and instagram pics is not helping him get a job. It’s time for Chad to grow up.

  4. So disappointed in him. I just said a few weeks a go he wouldn’t end up broke. I thought he was a smart one. I blame Ev for all this in a way, she says things that can tic a man off. She said something he didn’t like for him to do that. If they didn’t get together he would still have a career. He’s not a bad guy at all, he’s more of a clown than anything. I bet he didn’t think that head but would cost him this much. DAMN. He was one of the best.

    I love that top pic. He is gorgeous.

    1. How is this Evelyn’s fault? No matter what she said he should have never touched her. I guess she made him skip visiting his probation officer and told him to not to take domestic violence classes too.

      Chad clearly has his priorities fucked up. He’s holding himself back. I hope he’s not too far gone to pull it together. He needs to man up. If not for himself, at least for his kids.

      1. Well like everyone said when it happened she has a mouth on her. We see her on Basketball wives. All men can’t control their anger when someone comes for them. They are women out there who are manipulative, and do things to make men and women want to hurt them. You’d be surprised. I dated a girl like that a year and a half ago. She was a true bitch to the heart, and was just like Ev. I heard stuff about her but I didn’t listen, and it was many occasions where she could have gotten me in trouble. I’m not about beating women, so I didn’t hurt her. I just left her alone.

      2. Exactly. I was wondering the same question too. He couldn’t ignore her or did she force him to put his hands on her?

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