Which One Broke All Of Riccardo Tisci’s Walls To Pieces?

you got turned out something serious, huh?
riccardo told vogue hommes last month about the hottest sex in his life

“I have several but the one I think immediately is an experience I had with a man who is known. I never imagined that something could happen between us and it’s still the hottest weekend of my life. Nobody really knows if this guy is straight or gay, it is a mystery. However, I was attracted to him, his way of speaking, thinking, walking, dressing. I love what he does as an artist. This weekend both, this intimate moment has only reinforced my attraction to him.”


tumblr_m774l9YSHm1qgawlzo1_500_zps84a16407i know what you saying riccardo!
sometimes you think you going in for a quickie…
…hours later,
your underwear is on your head,
you got an ice pack on your hoo-haw,
and you still trying to remember your name!

good times.
let me find out:

tumblr_mc3vefgDLU1r1tw83o1_500…knows how to put in that work.
hell maybe it’s:

tumblr_mn3of2p26A1s783nho1_500 tumblr_mn3iu73C7q1rl1m0qo1_500i’m sure it will cum out soon enough.
my only question:

is riccardo the wolf within this triangle of peen?

21 thoughts on “Which One Broke All Of Riccardo Tisci’s Walls To Pieces?

  1. @Foxi VanDer Woodson

    Lol, I can’t reply so will do it here.

    Where I heard of Ricci’s obsession with mixed raced and black boys in NY, they didn’t say what he was….but I SAW his ass….AND my personal opinion on what I’ve read of him etc, he is a bossy bottom but will top if he has to but is greedy and likes the thrill of the…stroke to the…you know what…

    He does all the work in his job and doesn’t feel the need to do the same outside, plus his personality is very ‘I want YOU to take me cause I’m sooo beautiful and you will NEVER forget me’….etc etc

    With FO, from what I read he was the top BUT to me he seems versatile because he wants it ALL…y’know? So, being the control freak he is…if he doesn’t really care for you, he is a top but if he is off on his ‘LOVE’ thing, he is a bottom. He def bottomed for WC. Go back (if you’re bored!!) and you can read between the lines.

    But tbh when you are dealing with people not that straight down the line-i.e I’m a MAN etc….who knows esp with Ricci and the Kanye situ if it’s true.

    But no way FO would let Ricci top him. Like fuck.That dude has major issues on trust and men and control etc…Ricci was a f*ck if it did happen.

    Sorry for being late! But I’ll star this page and be more on top! 🙂

    1. ^damn!
      when dealing with celebs of this nature,
      they def google alert so thank you for “alias” their names.
      their cleaners will come in here and do major damage control.

      ticsi had me fooled lol
      the “mean face” is what had me seeing wolf.
      i always wondered what ocean was.
      he is definitely the wolf with that model
      of his.
      you are also right about west from what I see of him lately.
      he is a stan of people who “inspire” him.
      remember when he had no followers on twitter and randomly followed a white fashion guy?

  2. Based on the date of the article, I’m not sure if it’s Frank, since no one was really speculating on his sexuality in 2011.

    Sidenote: Is anyone else anxiously awaiting another one of Frank’s wonderful Tumblr letters?

  3. WOW this is off topic but President Obama told Morehouse graduates to be the best husbands to your wife or your boyfriend or partner.I cant even imagine how affirmed the Gay Morehouse Graduates and Men in general must have felt to hear MY 🙂 president say that in a commencement address

      1. I disagree. Why? Because that message isn’t anything they haven’t been told before. Morehouse’s previous President, Robert Franklin, delivered that same message repeatedly throughout his term and the student body is far more accepting than the general media projects.

      2. Random,the student body may be tolerant but Im reading the groans came from the family and friends of the graduates.Also are you saying the previous president spoke about Morehouse students having boyfriends,if so that is amazing?

  4. “speaking, thinking, walking, dressing”

    This to me does not scream Kanye. Kanye is not eloquent, nor has a voice that is sexy. He tries too hard with his style and his walk is hardly mysterious or seductive. This screams Franco and would scream Frank if everyone did not already know that Frank was Bi or Gay.

    Kanye hero worships Ricci-everyone knows that in the industry. This dude seems like he has his own personality and mind, not someone who would f*ck a Kardashian!

    But yeah, Frank is def Ricci’s type too.

  5. And Kanye is NOT attractive. I still think something happened with Frank because Willy C was not very happy about it and was obvious on his social media. And Frank posting the bottle of cartier with a bottle of orange=perfect together? Typical Frank, subtle but obvious as all his posts are if you get where he is coming from.

      1. Sorry, James Franco!! He is best friends with Marina Abromovich the artist, who is also best friends with Ricci-she sold her town house to Ricci last month. Franco as we know is more the gay friendly and see’s himself as an intellectual. He is also a real arty party head, just like Ricci. They would attend the same events like Bienniales and cool NY art events….that is NOT Kanye’s bag at all….sorry but Kanye is not the most cultural person intellectually, lets be serious.

        I don’t know why all the black goss blogs are being so clueless and dumb about this-just analyze the people! I think this sholw hipster and gay world is so new to them that they don’t know sh*t. As a hipster, black and gay….TRUST that Kanye is NOT seen as someone hot, especially by someone like Ricci. I truly believe they are really close friends and like Jay Z, Kanye hero worships Ricci but like any situation, Ricci was pissed when Kim came about because he lost his pet poodle. Just like Jay Z was pissed when Ricci came about.

        But now Ricci is gunning for the Ocean and Willy isn’t too happy.

        1. ^rowan i love you.
          thank you for this break down and you definitely made a ton of sense.
          do you think riccardo is the wolf (top) or hybrid (vers) in this situation?

          i seriously don’t know what to think of frank.
          frank has his moments,
          but im giving him hybrid.

  6. I want to know who is doing the hitting too. I don’t know if y’all are aware are not, but Kanye got a fat one. His ass is too fat. If Ticsi was hitting that I would pay money to see it lol.

      1. He prob does. I’m curious about him, not even gonna lie. He’s the type of dude who has some mysteriousness to him.

  7. It could be Kanye the interview was in Oct 2011 Vogue Hommes with James Franco on cover.DK why its in the ne ws now since there have been rumors about them for awhile.

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