The Biggest Baller Snow Wolf of Them All?

Mark Cubanthat is the same face i made when i read the story.
here i am putting two and two together to buy groceries today lol
anyway everyone meet mark cuban.
owns the dallas mavs.
he also just won the lottery.
the rich just got a whole lot richer…

Billionaire Mark Cuban bought this weekend’s winning Powerball lottery ticket, and will be awarded $590 million.

According to the Tampa Post, the eccentric owner of the Dallas Mavericks purchased the ticket while in Florida scouting for up and coming basketball talent.

“I kinda bought the ticket as a joke,” Cuban explains in an exclusive interview. “I was like, ‘Wow, wouldn’t it be cool if a billionaire won the lottery.’ But then it actually happened! This is awesome!”

Cuban says he will be donating some of his winnings to charity, but will mostly be seeking to upgrade his fleet of private jets and purchase several new mansions around the world.

“There are really just so many houses I don’t yet own, and so many loose women I haven’t yet banged,” he wistfully explains. “This is really gonna help me achieve my goal of becoming the ultimate player.”

WX4dES4well you know what?
let’s congrat him on his win.
no need to hate.

who is trying to see what “smokin a cuban” is like?

cuban-cigar-juice…and not the “cuban” you think i’m talking about.

9 thoughts on “The Biggest Baller Snow Wolf of Them All?

  1. All an obvious bullshit set up among all the crazy shit going on nowadays with the government… Wait what happened at Benghazi and wait the same people control the lottery hmmm

  2. That’s crazy, but congrats to him anyway. I wouldn’t know what to do with all that money. I’ll prob. put it away.

    S/N: Did y’all read about Riccardo Tisci saying that he slept with a man that was well known, and it was the best weekend he ever had lol. Then he went on talking about how no one knows if the man is gay or straight. He said it was with a musical artist.

    I wonder if Kanye hit that? Kim is wondering for sure. Tisci prob got that good good that all the niggas want.

    1. That interview was in Oct 2011 of Vogue Hommes.He didnt say the man was a musical artist.He said he was an artist.Was Kanye with Amber in 2011?

      1. No. Him and Amber broke up in 09 or 10. She has been with Wiz for two years now. Musical artist are referred as an “artist” as well. I hear it all the time. If Ticsi slipped and said rapper it would be obvious who it was, but as long as he says “artist” that could be anyone.

  3. Fake story

    Daily Current is like the Onion and CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC, etc.

    A damn joke.

    The global satirical newspaper of record.
    The Daily Currant is an international English language online newspaper which satirizes current events in politics, business, culture, science, and the media.

    Our motto is: Cauta Est Et Ab Illis Incipit Uxor

    Our slogan is: Laugh Smarter::

    I want somebody broke as hell winning the lottery. Somebody with a private student loan. Somebody who isjust beginning to give up hope. Not Mark Cuban. He’ll be okay.

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